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This Week in Wireless

There’s a fidget spinner that is a phone. Apple may abandon Touch ID for better or worse. Driving while texting might get you life in prison. An app that detects concussions. This is the week in wireless.

Thieves, scams, phone drying machines, and the Google Pixel 2

Let’s talk about the recent phishing scam that targets iTunes users. During this livestream we also watch a customer run without paying for his repair. Also the Google Pixel 2 will hit stores on the 19th. Is it everything that you want in an Android phone?

Let’s Talk Phones

iPhone 8 battery problems. T-Mobile and Sprint potential merger. The best five phones you can buy and more. This is the audio version of ur weekly livestream on YouTube.

iOS 11 Features

iOS 11 has some really cool features. Along with them a few bugs. What can your iPhone do once it’s upgraded? Let’s discuss the possibilities and potential problems.

Phone Repair Ethics

Today’s live stream is all about those “gray” areas that we run into from time to time.

Will the iPhone Edition Succeed?

Will a phone priced at over $1,000 go over as Apple hopes that it will? There is a point when the majority of consumers decide that a price is too high. We may soon find out if breaking the three digit price point will be going too far.

Cell Phones are a Pain in The Neck… Literally

Using a cell phone can cause damage to your neck, back, arms and more. GTool has a new screen refurbishing machine available for a mere $7,000 and pay per use? How much money can Apple make with MFi certification? A lot.

New Battery Technology for Cell Phones

Is your phone spying on you after you get it repaired? Rumors say that the Galaxy S9 will have a bigger battery thanks to increased miniaturization of PCB connections. Just in time for batteries that may end up needing a whole lot less space thanks to Zinc-Air technological advances. Did your camera survive the eclipse?

What happens when you discount prices?

This is the audio from a YouTube Livestream. Topics include the cost of offering a discount, no fix no fee policies, adding microsoldering services and more.

Our first Live stream podcast

How to know if your iPhone battery needs to be replaced. What you should know about CTIA before spending any money with them. Distracted drivers and more…