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Customer Service in the Phone Repair Business

Dealing with upset customers is the norm within the phone repair business. Let’s face it, people aren’t usually happy about a broken phone. How we handle their experience with us makes all the difference in the world when it comes to maintaining a good reputation and growing our business. Here are a few things that you can do to make the best of every customer interaction.

January 13, 2017 Phonecast

Today we talk about Apple pulling the app that helps you find your lost Airpods, an appeals court ruling that you can sue Apple, foldable phones, the smartphone hacking company that got hacked, and more.

When you, or your customer, breaks a phone

If you break your cell phone or tablet you have many options for repair and replacement. What’s right for you, or your customer, depends on many factors. Today we will discuss what to consider and a few things that most customers are not aware of when it comes to dealing with phone manufacturers and third party repair shops.

CES 2017 and More. This week in wireless.

A watchband that knows your blood alcohol content, Gorilla Glass 3 soon to be used for windshields, salary cuts at Apple include Tim Cook, a phone that can scan the composition of your dinner plate, and more exciting news from CES 2017.

January 2, 2017 Phonecast

Today we talk about getting bitten by a crocodile while posing for a selfie. Yes I am serious. An article written by an obvious Apple fanboy is discussed while sales of the iPhone 7 are lower than projected leading to a 10% reduction in manufacturing. Meanwhile the factory that makes iPhones is planning to automate Read More …

This week in wireless

New laws for driving with a phone in CA, Galaxy Note 7 update bricks your device, hack MMS will disable your iPhones messaging app, Samsung GS8 rumors, and more…

Returning a Galaxy Note 7 with no Receipt

  We purchased  a Galaxy Note 7 a while back but had no receipt of any sort. Since we though that it may be difficult to return under those circumstances we decided to record the initial call to Samsung to see how they would handle things. Also, Cee-Lo Green is okay and did not have Read More …

Phone Repair as an Occupation

Can you make a lot of money fixing phones? Is the market saturated? Is this the right choice for you? In this episode I will answer the most common questions that people ask when considering phone and tablet repair as a career choice.