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Battery Explosions and Throttling Give Right to Repair a Boost

The fact that Apple intentionally throttled iPhone performance without telling their customers might be the reason that right to repair legislation is making fast progress in Washington state. If that’s not ironic justice I don’t know what is. Also apps that track your GPS location should probably not be used at secret military installations.

The Adpocalypse, Galaxy S9, and More | Phone Tech Livestream

This is the Go Cell Phone Repair weekly livestream where we talk about all things tech. What’s new in phones, repairs, and the wireless industry as a whole. This week’s livestream is includes YouTube’s Adpocalypse, Samsung’s next phone release, and Apple’s front facing camera tech.

Apple Will Soon Allow Your iPhone to Run at Full Speed Again!

Apple has finally seen the err of their ways and decided to allow users to turn off battery throttling. In an upcoming iOS release we should see the option for trading in longevity for performance when it comes to battery capacity. The Galaxy Note 9 will likely be constructed from “Metal 12” a magnesium aluminium alloy, Vuzix augmented reality glasses are a hit at CES, and tonight we’ll take a look at some new toys that just came in.

Let’s Save the Internet | Phone Tech Talk Live Q&A

We have until Dec 14 to save net neutrality
Apple planning LCD iPhone with a metal case for 2018
Consumer Reports says iPhone X is too expensive and fragile
Apple needs to switch to a subscription model like Netflix to unleash the stock, Bernstein says
iPhone X back glass replacement
Google Threatens to Block YouTube App from Amazon’s Fire Stick
Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Ten Minutes of Tech December 2, 2017

iPhones and Samsung Galaxy S8 phone having problems. Cell phone addiction may alter your brain chemistry. Google accused of stealing iPhone users data. Apple sharing Face ID info with apps may be cause for concern. This and more on today’s Ten Minutes of Tech.