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The Week in Wireless March 26, 2018

Uber sells South East Asia operations to grab, cell phone overuse creates new names for old health problems, Apple is ready to fight Google’s Chromebooks with cheaper iPads, and more. This week in wireless.

Self-Driving Cars The Ethical Dilemma

A bicyclist was killed when an Uber self-driving car collided with her in Arizona. Why does it appear as if the car did not react in time?
What kind of technology is safe enough for autonomous vehicles? Tonight we discuss Self-Driving Cars- The Ethical Dilemma.

Should You Buy The Galaxy S9 or iPhone X?

The Galaxy S9 is now available for pre-order. As of today is this a better phone than the iphone X? It depends on what you look for in a device. Let’s discuss the differences.

Will Apple Ditch the iPhone Notch?

Today we discuss the future of the iPhone Notch, Android P, a Right to Repair Bill for California, and more. What is the future of the The iPhone Notch? Newsweek, Mashable Android P Android-Developers, Computer World 33:55 Android version name system Right to Repair Bill in California, Engadget, Read More …

Thursday Night Tech Hangout Featuring Shannon Morse from Hak5

Tonight we talk about hacking as a way of thinking, net neutrality, digital security threats and more. The FCC’s “Restoring Internet Freedom” order has officially taken effect by being entered the Federal Register. We have 60 days to get our congresspeople into action before we lose the battle!