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Nomophobia and the future of phone repair

Do you suffer from nomophobia or the fear of losing your phone? Apparently this is a real thing but is it the phone itself that you are “afraid” of losing. What if there were no phones? The future of phone repair will most likely have more to do with components that interface with the human body rather than something you can hold in your hand.

Fingerprint Scanner Master Key Developed for Touch ID

Do you use your fingerprint to unlock your device? That might not be such a great idea. A team of computer scientists have developed something that is the equivalent of a “master key” for unlocking phones that utilize a fingerprint scanner.

Is a phone worth fixing? May 2, 2017 Phonecast

When a customer asks you to perform a repair most of the time a routine process is followed. You give them a quote. They decide if they want to proceed and if so you check in the phone. But what happens when you try to decide for them? Often you lose a sale and your customers confidence. There are a few things to consider before offering unsolicited advice.

A few liability consideration- April 25th, 2017 Phonecast

On a regular basis I hear about people who do repairs at a very low cost or even free if the replacement parts are supplied by the phone user. Most of the time this won’t be a problem. But when it is who will take responsibility?

Dealing with competition- April 4th 2017 Phonecast

Just a few thoughts about maintaining quality in the face of cutthroat competition. If you can keep customer satisfaction high you can survive. It may not be easy at times but those who go cheap on quality cannot stay around forever.

March 31, 2017 Phonecast

Don’t panic about your iCloud being compromised but do change your password often. Is Verizon already making plans to sell your information to advertisers? Think twice before you buy a phone that is even easier to break. Samsung and fire keep showing up in news stories. Hopefully the S8 won’t have the same problem.

The Importance of Diversifying- March 27, 2017 Phonecast

If you repair phones for a living that should not be your only source of income. There are many other products and services that you can offer to your customers. As the industry continues to evolve be sure to expand your services so that you can survive whatever the future may hold. Today I talk about opportunities that you should consider.

March 24, 2017 Week in Wireless Phonecast

If your phone rings but you can’t answer in time think twice about calling any number with one of these prefixes. Apple launches a new iPhone 7 in red. Should we be excited? Your phone may contribute to premature aging of facial skin. Wanna see Dave Chappelle perform? You’ll have to live without your cell phone until the show ends…

This week in wireless. March 17, 2017 Phonecast

This week we’ve got advice for keeping track of your valuables, a “suspicious” amount of cell phone traffic in the D.C. area, an app that can let people instantly find you on Facebook, Apple’s mysterious calibration machine, exploding earphones and more.