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  1. Hey guys I love your videos I had a question my Samsung galaxy alpha has a shattered screen but I still works what should I do?

    1. I haven’t come across a broken Alpha yet but I’m sure it is only a matter of time. As soon as I get one I will make a repair video. Until you can repair it consider putting a screen protector on it of that’s an option.

  2. I have a Samsung Galaxy Alpha too.. It’s All Smashed Up and The Screen Won’t Turn On, Does That Mean I Have To Get The Glass Only? Or The One That Comes With The LCD ?

  3. I just change the Sims port on my samsung galaxy s4 SGH-I337 and the Sim card won’t stay in the slot it won’t lock in it slowly cones back out please help

  4. Hi there, my Samsung galaxy note 2 is infect by police scams how can I unblock my phone please help me I’ve done everything possible which has showed in your YouTube video I even went in safe mode but I can’t uninstall that aap please help me

  5. hey man I got that fbi virus but its on my Samsung galaxy s8 I went and watched your video from a few years ago but some of those things are outdated and I’m stuck I could use some help

  6. My Galaxy S4 has the strange “No audio / sound during a phone call on either side (caller or receiver)”. ALL other audio is heard, voice recorder records and plays back, but still no audio during call (caller can’t hear me, I can’t hear caller). I managed to find a post elsewhere that stated this issue is remedied by replacing: Unit-SIM SD SOCKET; SGH-I377 and MODULE-IF SUB FPCB(SGH-I337). My SD card reader works fine even when the audio problem is occurring.

    Do you know if replacing the SIM card reader will fix this issue?
    What is this “Module-IF Sub part… is that user replaceable as the card reader? Is this even part of the potential problem?

    Thanks in advance,

    1. So they are saying that replacement of the SIM reader and charge port fixed the call audio problem. Interesting. I’m not sure why that would work but will do some research and considering how inexpensive they are it seems worth a shot.

    2. P.S. Many of the suggestions say it could be a bad SIM card causing the audio problem… I don’t think that’s my case as my SIM card works fine in my Samsung Mega 6.3 back-up phone.

      I’ve also tried all the “voice features disabling” (i.e. “Go Google”, disabling Google or any other voice command features, flushed cashe’s and yes, performed a factory reset all to no avail.

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