Factory Phone Unlocks

Go Cell Phone Repair now offers permanent factory IMEI unlocks for select phones from AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint. Just use the drop down menu below to select your phones manufacturer, enter the device IMEI, and your email address. When your unlock request is completed you will receive an email letting you know that your phone can now be unlocked.

In the case of an iPhone simply insert a foreign SIM card -one that is not from your carrier- and then connect your phone to iTunes. You may need to turn the phone off and back on while connected in order to complete the process.

If you request a Samsung unlock we will send you the code by email. Just insert your new SIM and enter the code when prompted. Always use the code that says "NETWORK" as you may also receive additional codes that are not used for unlocking.


If your code is "Not found" you will be issued a refund and can then use the "Not found" option if there is one available.

Approximate processing time for unlocks:

AT&T (clean) iPhones 2-4 business days

AT&T (not found) iPhones 3-10 business days

Sprint iPhones Currently Unavailable

T-Mobile Samsung phones 2-6 business days

Select an option
E-mail/mobile number

Unlocking your phone offers several advantages.

  1. You gain the ability to switch carriers.
  2. Your phone can now be used outside of the US.
  3. The value of your phone goes up.

Nobody likes being locked in a contract but even if you aren't your wireless provider encourages you to remain loyal by "locking" your phone to their network. With an unlocked phone you can choose from any GSM carrier or one of it's MVNOs.

Taking your phone with you while abroad can be very expensive. Domestic carriers have "roaming" agreements with foreign ones but at this point you not only cut in a middle man (your wireless provider takes a cut) but you also increase the amount of taxes and fees that you pay for the privilege. With an unlocked phone you pay the same rates that a resident in that location would. Stop paying tourist rates!

For the reasons stated above and many more your phone actually appreciates in value when you unlock it. As you can imagine, the provider that your phone came from does not particularly like for you to have this option. Fortunately it is now legal to unlock your phone but that has not always been the case.  At times legislation that prevented people from unlocking their phones has been enacted. If and when this happens again unlocked phones will become even more valuable.


Network unlocks are permanent. You only pay once for you phone.

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  1. I ordered a prepaid phone from virgin and it came with sprint sim card,and i would like to know if you could unlock it,before i place the order,thank you

    1. Sprint LTE phones can be unlocked although they tend to be more expensive especially if they are in contract. Since you have a prepaid phone I assume that there is no contractual obligation but in order to answer your question I’d need a few more details. Can you provide the manufacturer and model number?

    1. Clean would mean that there is no money due for financing, the phone has not been reported lost or stolen, and no fraud is associated with the account that the phone was being used with.

  2. i paid for the unlock but havnt gotten an email bacc saying tht it its ready to unlock

    1. Here are the estimated turnaround times for processing unlock requests.

      AT&T iPhones 2-4 business days

      T-Mobile Samsung phones 2-6 business days

      You will receive an email when your phone is ready to unlock.

      Thanks and let me know if you need any additional information.

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