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How to replace your Galaxy Note 4 display

Replacing your Galaxy Note IV display is relatively easy as long as you follow the instructions and use the right tools for the job. On this page we provide both video, written tutorials featuring still images, and both parts and tools required for the project. Be sure to view the entire process before you begin so that you know what to expect and all of the potential pitfalls that should be avoided. We highly recommend purchasing the Galaxy Note IV pre-cut adhesive for this repair. Using a different type will most likely result in your screen lifting off of the mid-frame over time. You will also most likely need to purchase a stylus flex cable as the original is often damaged during removal.

galaxy note 4 replacement screen

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Galaxy Note 4 Photo Tutorial

In the image below you can see our Note 4 and the back side of new replacement display. It's hard to tell from this angle but the AMOLED is cracked from the inside. You can click on the photo for a larger view.

galaxy note 4 replacement screen
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Tilting the screen at an angle gives us a better view of the internal damage. Often is seems like the phone works fine with the exception of a visible image. In most cases the AMOLED is cracked. Once there is a small amount of damage you will usually not be able to see anything on the screen even though the phone still rings when you call it and the lights at the bottom illuminate when the device is powered up.

cracked amoled
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Using the small divot on the back side of the phone carefully pry the battery cover off. You should always remove your phones battery before attempting any kind of repair.

galaxy s4 battery cover removal
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Next we will want to heat the phone up so that the adhesive holding the screen on becomes pliable. This gives us a much better chance of removing it in one piece. A heat gun is recommended for this step. If you have questions about how important heat is please see the article pertaining to heat and when to use it.

note 4 screen removal
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Once the surface temperature of the screen has reached about 95 degrees Fahrenheit we will use a thin pry tool to separate the outer adhesive from the frame.

CAUTION: Don't go too deep at the bottom end or you could damage the menu, home, and back buttons.

pry off screen
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In this case our glass came off separately from the AMOLED. This isn't a problem since we are replacing the whole display but it will take a bit longer to complete the repair. Using more heat in near the center of the display might help get the whole thing off at once but we did notice that it separated very easily. If your glass is broken you will most likely end up with a similar result. Be sure to use sufficient heat at the top end as well since there is quite a bit of adhesive up there.

galaxy note 4 glass
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Once you have removed the glass or in the case that you are able to remove the entire display at once you will want to pry under the stylus or "S Pen" flex cable. This is a thin sheet that is directly beneath the AMOLED. It allows your phone to sense when the Stylus is close by so that you can sketch images or write notes. If you damage this part you'll have to replace it in order to retain this functionality. It is very common for this to happen so we recommend purchasing a replacement piece just in case. You can always return it later if not needed and the price is relatively low to start with.

Caution: Before you pry beneath the AMOLED be sure to view the image that shows the home button flex cable. It runs part ways up the frame and you don't want to damage it.

amoled removal
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As you lift the display from the bottom be careful not to tear the display and stylus flex connector away from the housing. You can access these by carefully lifting the screen up from the bottom while keeping the upper edge of the display very close to the phone. Once you are able to see these connectors you can gently pry them away from the board using a plastic crow bar or stick spudger.

galaxy note 4 display connector
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Once you have disconnected the display assembly make sure that there aren't any big chunks of foil, adhesive, or any other debris that will push against the back side of your new AMOLED. These screens are very sensitive to pressure and are protected by the mid-frame on the backside once installed. In the meanwhile you should avoid putting any pressure on the back of it.

Note 4 Stills33
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Use some heat on the small blacking padding that is attached to the back of the connector. You can then slide a dulled or plastic razor under it and transfer it to your new one. If the display that you purchased includes this piece then you can skip this step.

Note 4 Stills34
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Note 4 Stills35
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Make sure that you move the earpiece mesh cover over to the new part.

Note 4 Stills22
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galaxy note 4 earpiece mesh
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Next use the red tab to lift the flex cable up and away from the display. The adhesive on the back of the display can now be exposed by peeling away the plastic lining. You can also remove and lining that comes with your new S Pen flex cable and attach it to the back of the display.

Note 4 Stills37
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galaxy note 4 s pen flex cable
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The S Pen flex cable should match up perfectly to the back of the display. Once it is you can plug in the two cables and test the screen. This will of course require that you install the battery.

Note 4 Stills42Note 4 Stills43

Be sure to test your stylus when you perform this step.

Note 4 Stills46


If everything is working it's time for permanent installation. We chose to add some 3M 300LSE to cover the "M" shaped layout that was originally inside of the phone. It is highly recommended that you also use the Galaxy Note 4 pre-cut adhesive around the edges. This will prevent your display from lifting off of the frame over time. It also provides a certain amount of water resistance for the phone.

Note 4 Stills47Note 4 Stills48

Before you peel back the lining to expose all of the adhesives and attach the display be sure to complete this checklist:

  • Test the display, S-Pen, and touchscreen
  • Make sure to transfer the earpiece mesh cover to the new screen
  • Position your home button in the proper location

galaxy note 4 repair


If you followed the instructions above you should now have a fully functional AMOLED just like you did when the phone was new.

Galaxy Note 4 Replacement Parts





Galaxy Note 4 Screen Replacement Video Tutorial

If you have any questions or comments regarding Galaxy Note 4 screen replacement please post them in the section below.

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  1. Please is it possible to replace just the outer screen of the phone. My cracked but the inner screen and touch is working perfectly. Can I just replace only the glass screen on top?

    1. While it may be possible you would need specialized equipment and a lot of practice. In short the cost of materials and equipment would be more than that of a complete replacement screen.

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