Nexus 6 Screen Replacement

How To Replace Your Nexus 6 Screen

In order to perform a Nexus 6 screen replacement you can follow these steps and watch the video tutorial below. Always start by powering off your phone if possible. If  your touchscreen doesn’t respond you might be able to turn it off by long pressing the power button. This may or may not work for your Nexus 6 depending on the software version and ROM that you have installed. If your touchscreen and display are still functional and you'd like to have the glass replaced professionally you can also use this service.

For replacement parts scroll down the page further.

Next we will remove the battery cover panel from the back of the phone. This is probably one of the more difficult steps for the repair and you will want to watch out for the flex cable that connects about midway down the side of the phone. It’s on the right hand side if you are looking at the front of the phone so when you pry the back panel off it be on the left side if you are looking at the phone from the back. If you pry too deep you can slice right through the cable. Tools required for this repair can be found on the cell phone repair tools page.



There is a lot of adhesive under the panel so a heat gun is strongly recommended. Without applying heat you will cause more stress to occur as you pry the screen away from the phones housing increasing the chance that it will crack. The adhesive is very strong so we recommend working with a surface temperature of about 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Heating slowly will allow the inside of the panel to get close to the outside temperature and that is what you want. Too much heat can cause the panel to warp or melt so don’t leave the heat gun aimed at one spot for too long.


We found that a metal tool worked best to open the case initially as it requires something very strong and thin. The iSesamo worked great for this task. As soon as we got the under the panel we switched over to a softer tool so that we didn’t risk scarring the frame or panel. A .73mm nylon guitar pick works great if you use a combination of sliding and rolling around the edges. Once you get around the perimeter of the phone you should be able to use your hands to carefully pull it away from the phone. Be careful not to bend it too much though or it may become distorted or crack. Remember to continue applying heat when the surface temperature starts to drop. We found it easiest to start from the top end of the phone.

Once the battery cover is remove you can use a T-3 Torx screwdriver to remove the screws underneath. There are also a rubber pieces installed at opposing corners on the back that should be carefully removed with a plastic tool or nylon tweezers. After the one at the bottom is removed you will be able to disconnect the battery by lift the pop connector away from the phone. You should also disconnect the flex cable at the top end as shown in the video at 8:00.

Next you can remove the 22 screws around the perimeter of the housing and close to the rear facing camera. Be sure to remove the SIM tray at this point if you haven’t already done so. At this point you should be able to separate the display assembly from the housing. Use a soft pry tool if necessary to get it started. At this point the rear housing can be removed completely.

Now it’s time to remove the logic board from your Nexus 6. We will start by removing the Kapton tape that covers various FFC connectors. Set this tape aside so that it can be put back into position during assembly. These cables can easily be damaged so be careful not to place too much stress on them or poke any holes otherwise you will be replacing more than just your display. At the upper end of the board there is a black screw that attaches to a metal clip. Both of these must be removed. Carefully lift the board away from the display assembly frame while making sure to maneuver around the flex cables.If you get snagged they can be torn accidentally.   

Now we can peel the flex cables away from the frame. Pry the metal piece with all of the holes in it away from the display. Be careful not to rip through the cables if you think that any of the display can be salvaged later and try not to bend the metal as it is very thin. You can straighten it later if necessary but getting it back to precisely it’s original shape once bent will be very difficult. There is some adhesive under it but it isn’t nearly as strong as that of the battery cover.

The plastic bezel that surrounds the display will most likely need to be transferred to your new part. You should apply heat here also in order to make prying it off of the display safer and easier. Once heated you should be able to use a thin pry tool to get under the glass and pry it away from the frame using the same technique that we did with the battery cover. Once you get the frame separated from the glass be sure to remove and broken shards, debris, and adhesive from the surface. This will prevent damage to your new display when you install it and increase the performance of the new adhesive that you apply before putting your new screen into the frame. A small flat head screwdriver blade works well for this just make sure not to gouge the frame in the process of cleaning it up.

If you have questions or comments regarding Nexus 6 screen replacement please post them in the comment section below.

13 Comments on “Nexus 6 Screen Replacement

  1. How do you know if you need to replace the entire screen or just the glass. It appears that my screen still works, and the glass is cracked. I found replacement glass on Ebay for $15. Does this sound like a possible route?

    1. I’m not sure that it’s possible to replace just the glass on the Nexus 6. If I get a hold of one again I will try and see how it turns out.

  2. just followed your video step-by-step – the phone started up, and the screen works beautifully (touch works great). But, when I press the power button to put the phone to sleep, and then wake it back up, the screen doesn’t recognize touch.
    Did I do something wrong?

    1. Have you tried reconnecting the display cable? Its always possible that you got a defective part but I’d try taking it apart and assembling once before you return it.

    1. Have you already tried ordering from the link on this page? They do sell the Nexus 6 glass by itself also but that may be difficult to replace without damaging the screen.

  3. Hello,
    I’ve seen your youtube video where you did a glass only replacement on a Samsung Galaxy S4. Is that any different than what a glass only replacement on a Nexus 6 would be?
    I’d like to buy the whole display already pre-assembled and replace it that way, it would me much easier than to replace the glass only, but i’m afraid of receiving a lower quality display than the original. Would you have any suggestions or some good links where to buy from?

    1. I haven’t attempted glass only on the Nexus 6 yet. It would probably be more like the Galaxy S6 than the 4 though. So far I’ve found that the most consistent quality comes at a slightly higher cost. There are two links for the part above. The second one is from a vendor that I recently started buying from. If you are more concerned with quality than price you might want to give them a try.

  4. hi, i see that this was done a few years ago. by any chance, have you tried replacing just the cracked glass yet? the outer glass on my nexus 6 is the onlly thing that is broken and im really not trying to spend a lot of money on parts that i dont need. wen all it is is a cracked screen.

    1. I haven’t and with the cost of the entire display assembly down to ~$130 it’s not a service that will be easy to find. If you’re planning to do it yourself my advice is to be extremely careful and prepared to invest a lot of time doing research on how to remove it without damage. AMOLEDs are easy to break especially without practice.

  5. Hi ! Im trying to buy the tape to glue the screen to the frame but Im getting no answers neither from the Facebook or e-mail. Any other way I can get it ? Thanks

    1. Hi. I’ll check to see why your comments haven’t been answered. The adhesive links have been added above. It looks like unless you want five at a time though they will be coming from China which means a considerable wait.

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