iPad 2 Screen Repair

How to replace your iPad 2 touchscreen

Replacing an iPad 2 lens requires patience and skill. This repair is not recommended for beginners. In the video on this page I will demonstrate how to remove a broken screen from an iPad 2. You can purchase the replacement part through the links below.

The difficulty of this repair varies depending on how badly the original glass has been damaged. In some cases it may be possible to use a suction cup puller to remove the entire screen in one piece assuming that it has one or two minor cracks. In most cases however you will be dealing with shattered sections that break into smaller pieces as the lens is pried away from the aluminum housing. Using a heat gun is crucial to performing this repair efficiently and reduces the chances of causing further damage to the iPad 2 LCD and flexible cables located beneath the digitizer.

ThingsĀ to watch out for

There are a few things that can go wrong with this repair. The cable that controls volume and power/lock functions can easily be damaged during the glass removal process. The same is true for the Wi-Fi antenna which for some odd reason is stuck to the front panel with adhesive. On occasion we have also seen the data antennas become a problem in the case of the 3G version of the iPad 2. Please watch the entire video before you attempt this repair so that you can see exactly where these cables are and hopefully avoid damaging them.

Unlike the antennas and cables mentioned above there are a few things that can be particularly troublesome on this device should you damage them. First of all we have the LCD backlight module. This very small component located on the motherboard is very sensitive to power surges. For this reason you must be absolutely certain that the device is powered off when connecting or disconnecting the LCD. Failure to do so can cause the backlight filter and/or diode to become damaged so that the screen will not illuminate. While these parts can technically be replaced this is a very difficult procedure for most people.

When disconnecting the touchscreen and LCD you will want to be very careful. The FFC connectors located on the board are very brittle. Damaging them in most cases means that you will need to replace the logic board.

Replacement parts from Ebay


Replacement parts from Etradesupply


ipad 2 digitizer touchscreen
iPad 2 Digitizer Touch Screen (Assembled Flex) – Black
ipad 2 touchscreen glass
iPad 2 Digitizer Touch Screen (Assembled Flex) – White

Note that if the corners of the iPads aluminum frame are dented there is a possibility that the lens will not fit into place correctly. Forcing it into place causes undue stress to the glass and while it may not be damaged during installation, there is a good chance that it will break in the near future because of pressure being exerted on the corners of the lens. We have seen cases where the frame was not installed properly and the iPad “spontaneously” shattered while not in use. It is possible that changes in temperature may exacerbate this problem so do make sure that while snug it should not be necessary to force the new digitizer/lens into place. It may be necessary to manipulate the frame using an iPad Corner Repair Tool.


In order to replace your iPad 2 lens/digitizer you will need the following:

Safety glasses
Medium strength pry tools
Heat gun
Phillips 00 screwdriver
iSesamo opening tool
A lot of patience and a steady hand

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