Galaxy S5 Replacement Parts

Screens can be purchased through the links below in a variety of colors. You might also need to add new adhesive. Tools can be found here. Go here for the replacement tutorial.

Galaxy S5 SM-G900 LCD Screen and Digitizer Assembly

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Charging port replacement parts- Carrier specific!


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19 Comments on “Galaxy S5 Replacement Parts

  1. Is there any difference, in terms of amoleds and digitizers between a g900r and a g900r4? As far as I can tell, the only difference is the “r4” is geared to 4LTE. Am I correct in assuming any S5 screen for US Cellular will work on the “r4”?

  2. Hi, i want to ask if you can find the logic card for galaxy s5 lte-a (g906k) is the korean version.
    Sometimes when i restart the phone it has no image, everything works exept the screen, i have to put it down without the battery at last 12 hours. Then the phone works fine for over a week. Sometimes more o less days.
    Thank you.

  3. I need to change the charging port in a Galaxy S5 from Ntelos. The number is a G900R7, but I can’t seem to find any of that number on the web. Does this number matter when it comes to the charging port?

  4. Is the link you put for the USA USB Charger Dock Charging Flex Port For Samsung Galaxy S 5 AT, Is it the charging port you use in your video for the replacement? And if it is how would you rate it out a scale 1-10 of how well it worked after use it?

  5. My volume rocker isn’t working after I replaced the screen and housing. All software volume controls work, just not the rocker. It doesn’t work for camera key assignment either. Any idea what’s wrong?

    1. I’m not sure how that would happen. You’re not the first person to ask though so there’s got to be something near the display connector maybe that affects the functionality. I don’t have a good answer right now but next time I come across one I’ll take it apart all the way and see what I can find.

  6. Hey i’m using Galaxy S5 G900H (International Version) and my charging port has been damaged and i’m not able to charge my device. I saw your video of charging port replacement. So i just wanted to know that, can i replace my charging port and if yes then can you give me a link to buy it


    1. Yes you should be able to replace it using the same procedure. I am adding a link to this page for the G900H. Thanks for asking. Just scroll up and it will be the last link on the page.

  7. hi all i have a g900l the old Charge Port Assembly M just would like to know if a F assembly will go with the M assembly thanks

    1. While I haven’t tried them the G900M appears to be unique. The F might fit but you may lose some functionality. I found one on Ebay with this search: Charging Charge Port Dock USB Connector Flex Cable for Samsung Galaxy S5 G900M.

  8. Hi ive checked over your video. Cheers great information on lcd replacement the phone I have is a G900i but I noticed that its not in your catalog. Does another version lcd screen fit?


  9. Hello. I replaced my charging port on Samsung s5 following your tutorial. However, the phone displays that it is now charging but it will not turn on. Any ideas or possible causes. The phone displays a charging battery when plugged in. Please help.

  10. It looks like you don’t sell phone parts. Instead, this page simply links to various eBay listings from other resellers. Is this correct?

  11. I replaced the Charging Port Dock Mic Flex Cable, but now I have to press the Back Button and Home Buttons really hard for it to work. They light up but I have to press them hard instead of just tapping them. How do I fix this?

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