iPhone Photo Recovery

How to Recover iPhone Photos

If you suddenly find yourself unable to view photos and videos on your iPhone don’t panic just yet. Depending on what caused the files to disappear there may be hope for recovery. While no product is perfect iPhones seem to be notorious for losing multimedia files. This can happen for a number of reasons. People who are new to cloud services can accidentally make changes to the phones settings which results in lost or deleted photos. Jailbreaking the phone and then disconnecting the battery can make the file system malfunction and unable to see the pictures. Last but not least software problems which are no fault of the user can also lead to lost data. We will start by addressing the second problem which fortunately has a fairly simple solution most of the time.

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If you had your iPhone screen replaced or some other repair performed which required removal of the battery and your phone is jailbroken then there is great news. Your photos, videos and music are very likely still stored on the phone but they don’t show up in the gallery because of a file system error. Before you do anything we recommend that you do not store anything new and refrain from taking any additional photos until following the procedure shown in the video below.

Begin by checking the storage capacity of your iPhone, iPod or iPad. If it looks like a lot of space is being used but there are no files shown in the quantity column of the “About” screen then your files are most likely okay. If not then you might very likely have a different problem but we will get to that later. For now it is a good idea to download iFunbox and use the file explorer to view your DCIM folder which is where the camera roll is stored. If you did not jailbreak the phone yourself or do not feel confident about navigating the software then please find someone who does. There are a lot of files stored in your phone that should not be tampered with. If you delete or alter the wrong file your phone may die and not come back to life no matter what you do.

Exercise extreme caution and be aware that even when executed properly tampering with these files may result in unexpected problems.


If your phone has not been jailbroken then the procedure above will not work for you as it requires access to files that typically are not available to the user. If your iPhone photos were deleted then you will want to find someone who can recover deleted files. Once again do not record any new material or you might overwrite the areas in your phone where the information was stored previously. Once overwritten it is most likely impossible for anyone to recover it. Also be aware that recovery of deleted files especially on mobile devices can be very expensive. As of today despite seeing many claims we have yet to find anyone who can perform this operation. If that changes this page will be updated and link to an iPhone deleted photo recovery service.