What is rooting?

In the cell phone world rooting is the process used in order to gain access to privileged control over an Android devices subsystem.  It is exclusive to Android OS and while it has been compared to Jailbreaking it is actually quite different. We won’t go into too many specifics but it is worth noting that not all Android devices have locked bootloaders and in fact rooting is not discouraged within the Android community. That said it should also be noted that rooting procedures vary from one model to another and due to such a wide variety of eligible devices it can vary from simple to very difficult when it comes to performing the procedure.

Why would I want to root my Android device?

In some cases rooting your Android device may allow you to remove the phones network lock. It also allows certain apps to have root access.

What is root access?

Root access allows user-installed applications to execute privileged commands which would normally be prevented. The reason for restricting this access is to maintain a secure environment while using your phone. By rooting your phone you may allow applications to bypass this security feature.

So rooting is dangerous for my phone?

Modifying the stock software of any device can cause unexpected behavior. When performed properly rooting should not cause any problems itself. On the other hand it is wise to consider whether a third party app is trusted, not to mention stable enough to be allowed root access.

Do I need to root my Android in order to unlock it?

In most cases it is not necessary to root a cell phone in order to unlock it. In the case of flashing however it may be required.

Is there any other advantage to rooting my phone?

In our opinion rooting offers many benefits beyond the ability to unlock your phone. Rooting will allow sideloading of applications which are not available on the Android market. Rooting also allows the installation of custom ROMs which are sometimes considered better than the one installed on the phone originally.

Once again remember that altering the firmware on your phone can cause unexpected results. Root your Android device at your own risk!