Samsung Galaxy Note i717 Charging Port Repair

You can purchase the replacement part through the links below.

In this video I will show you how to replace the charging port in your Galaxy Note.

4 Comments on “Samsung Galaxy Note i717 Charging Port Repair

  1. I replaced the charging port on my Samsung Galaxy Note SGH-i717 4 months ago & also bought a thicker gauge wire for better data transfer & stronger charge. I am now finding that the phone has to be sitting just right for it to charge & if moved or bumped, it will stop charging. If you press down slightly on the connection right at the USB port, it will start charging again. I have read reviews & posts about other people having the same issue, but no one has been able to respond to the problem. Do you have any suggestions?

    1. It sounds like maybe you have a cracked solder joint on the port. If you’ve already tried another charger then you’ll probably have to replace the port again or resolder the connection.

    1. I’ve updated the links for your charge port. You can see them above. As far as a motherboard you’ll have to find one from another phone. Ebay will probably be a good place to look.

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