HTC Incredible 4G Screen Replacement

The HTC Incredible 4G has a relatively straightforward design allowing for disassembly with little mechanical experience. In the video below we show a complete tear down and reassembly used for replacing the LCD and/or digitizer on the Droid 3.

While it may be possible to replace one or the other independently the low cost of a complete LCD and digitizer assembly make it more practical to replace both simultaneously. This will also ensure that over time you should not encounter any issues with adhesive failure such as dust entering and becoming trapped between the two layers. It is interesting to note that the charging port is a modular component making replacement easy and inexpensive should you damage yours or otherwise experience charging or data transfer issues. Most devices using micro USB type charging ports are particularly prone to damage due to the amount of stress placed on the port should the phone be operated while charging, falling from a table and hanging by the chargers electrical wire or worse yet having a charger forcefully inserted in the wrong direction. In order to replace the screen on your Incredible 4G you will need a T-5 Torx driver, a small pry tool, tweezers, a heavy pry tool and a heat gun. The total time for this repair from start to finish is approximately twenty minutes give or take depending on your level of experience.

If this is your first time repairing an Incredible 4G we recommend allowing at least one hour. The most important thing of course is to take your time and be sure to follow the video as accurately as possible. Failing to transfer the plastic tabs at the bottom of the lens will result in diminished lighting of the lower keys on the touchscreen. Once you have installed the new screen it can be very difficult to remove due to the adhesive which holds it in place. Before you permanently install the new screen for your Droid 3 make sure that the flex cables come through the mid frame at the correct positions and that the plastic tabs are inserted properly.