HTC One M7 Repair

This repair is not recommended for beginners! The HTC One M7 may be one of the most difficult phones that there is to repair. This is due to the way it is designed using a series of clips which hold the rear housing in place. Once the back panel has been removed it becomes much easier but still very complex. There is also a good possibility that you will damage this piece during the disassembly process so it is recommended that you purchase a replacement rear panel if you plan on performing a screen replacement repair. The screen and panel are available through the links in the side bar and below the video.

In the video below I will show you a full disassembly of the HTC One M7. You will need a heavy duty thin pry tool, heat gun and a 00 Phillips head screwdriver. I cannot stress enough that this is a very difficult phone to open so be warned that you may cause additional damage during the repair and if you are not careful you might even hurt yourself.

Required Tools:

These can be found on our tools page. Some users say that adhesive on the inside of the case requires a heat gun. This is also useful for removing the foil tape inside of the phone.

Be sure to keep your screws in order as they vary in size and most of them are not interchangeable. Some of them are well hidden so be sure to watch the entire video before you attempt to remove any of the internal parts. Interestingly they also use a very fine thread so it requires more turns to remove them than usual. The plastic cover on the upper PCB may stick to the rear panel and when you remove the charging port watch out for a small piece of black plastic which is likely to fall out of place.

If you made it through the disassembly and reassembly then the very last step will be replacing the rear panel of your HTC One. Somehow this was left out of the first video so I made another to show how easy this part is. Be sure that everything is working as far as the phones functionality before you put it back together though. You don't want to take that back off again unless absolutely necessary. However it is a little easier the second time around.


Replacement backdoor covers for the M7