HTC One Max Repair

At this time pre-assembled LCD+frames are unavailable. You can however pry your old screen off of the existing one and use the part below to fix your phone. Remember that you will most likely need to replace the adhesive also.

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24 Comments on “HTC One Max Repair

      1. My silver housing is scuffed up and I would like to change my housing from silver to black. I’ll buy both the replacement screen and the housing and send it to you. How much will that be? Also, that is a good price, HTC told me that they wanted $220 for the screen and $130 for the housing repair. =p

  1. Hey, sorry for the late reply, I didn’t know that there was a front housing too.

    When I buy all the parts, i’ll contact you asap.

  2. Hi. Great repair video by Dustin Collette.
    I also need a metal frame the LCD fits into. Mine is bent pretty bad and the speaker cover(s) could use replacing too. Where can these other parts be purchased? Or do you have a used frame for a HTC Max you could sell?

  3. Where can I get tools for the HTC one max?
    what size is the tri wing screw driver can I find it at a hardware store?

      1. i am planning to get a htc one sprint with the case and lcd and get another htc on verizon that is unlocked..hope that fits..anyways thanks for the comment..more power to your website

  4. my phone is bent pretty badly I don’t know if the motherboard is actually bent or not but the bottom right corner is along with the entire frame… the screen is all cracked up to… i took it to several shops nobody wants to fix it due to the way is made including the look of it scares them off. If i was to buy another one could i take the internals out and put them in the other phone? The reason is because i have tons of important stuff throughout. Please help me with this


    1. As long as the main board isn’t damaged you should be able to. I have one in similar condition that I had considered doing the same thing but there’s not really anything important saved on it and a full repair would cost about as much as it’s worth.

  5. I think my rear casing is bent, and so the back door won’t fit properly , do you know where i can find that rear casing/housing? Also if you could fix it, how much would that cost?


    1. I have added a link above for the part. Since I haven’t tried removing an LCD from this phone yet I’ll have to get back to you on the cost of the repair. There would be some liability since breaking the LCD in the process is possible.

      1. Oh, so even if I want to do it myself, i could end up breaking the LCD?

        thanks for the links by the way!!

  6. My HTC 1 Max was dropped (3 feet off a bed) and when I picked it up, the buttons appeared to be mashed in. The phone kept rebooting.

    I took the phone apart according to your youtube vid and fanagled with the buttons till i thought I got it working right. When I put it back together, it’s working, but the vol up botton is still not working right and when I press any buttons, it tries to keep depressing the vol up button.

    I’ve determined that I need to replace the switches. Do you sell them? How much, etc..


    1. You need to disconnect the flex cables that are attached to the display so for the most part yes at least to the point where you can access them.

  7. Kudos on the video I will be using it soon once I get all of the parts for my Verizon HTC One Max. One question, which adhesive would you recommend when replacing the lcd, I want to make sure the thickness is right so that the screen will be flat against the bezel?

  8. I would just like to seek your help on my HTC One Max, I have disassembled 1 unit however, 1 part pop out and I don’t know where its from. I can send you a picture of the part

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