The HTX One X  and its variants the One XL, One XT, One XC and One X+ are among the more difficult handsets to repair. While using a rear housing that fits perfectly around the main assembly helps these phones to be visually appealing it also makes disassembly not only challenging but also risky. This repair is not recommended for those without a substantial amount of mechanical experience. You can purchase replacement screens through the links below. You will want to disassemble your One X first to determine whether you have the LCD with a green flex cable or the one that is completely yellow. I have included a link to the lens which is available by itself. However replacing both is recommended as it is difficult to remove the LCD without breaking it.

Update: The green flex LCD appears to be backward compatible so you can order this one for all HTC One X repairs.

In these videos we demonstrate the full disassembly and reassembly required for replacing a broken HTC One X screen. While there may be an option to purchase the touchscreen separately it this is not recommended for several reasons. In most cases the LCD will be damaged during removal due to the strength of the adhesive which holds it in place. Since the LCD is installed on top of the digitizer flex cable you must remove both in order to complete this repair. On the other hand if your LCD is broken you may be able to salvage your original digitizer by removing it without damage.

The first step in disassembling your HTC One X is one of the most difficult. Several clips must be released by prying along the left and right hand sides of the screen. Next you will need to carefully pry along the bottom edge of the phone and release a few tabs which tuck inside of the rear housing. Once all tabs and clips have been released you can then lift the bottom end of the assembly out of the rear housing and slide it downwards as it is wedged in from the top end of the phone.

You replacement screen should have three plastic pieces which are stuck directly underneath where the home, back and settings menu are on the lens. Failure to install these plastic pieces will prevent your buttons from illuminating. Be very careful when peeling back the microphone flex cable at the bottom as it is also very easy to damage. If you have any questions about this HTC One X repair please post them in the comments section below.

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  1. recently i got my new replacement for htc one x. i did a test like you done for the digitizer but the screen just gone blank. the battery was fully charged. is it because the digitizer was damaged or maybe there are different digitizer version?

    hope you can help me. I can’t backup my data too. at least i can backup them.

      1. nope. not working at all. turning on and playing with the volume and power button is all i can do. only my display or the digitizer are the problem. did try just now to connect some possible connection but still no luck. i think so too the lcd was damaged. either going to look for another digitizer or just try my luck again..
        *any way just to scrap out the data without fixing the display?

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