Apple iPad 2 Power Button Flex Replacement

If you have a problem with the power button, volume controls or side switch then you will most likely need to replace the flex cable which controls these features. This repair requires removal of the lens and LCD which can be seen in this video. It is also possible to damage this flex cable when you are replacing a broken lens so if you are in the repair business it is a good idea to keep at least one of these on hand. This is an advanced level repair so if you do not have a reasonable amount of experience with tablet repair you might want to consider taking your device to a professional. In this video I will show you how to remove and replace your iPad 2 power button flex cable.

Apple uses different flex cables for different versions of the iPad 2. There are a 2012, 2013, and CDMA parts available and they are not compatible. We recommend that you first remove your old cable and make sure that it looks like the one that you plan to order. Otherwise at the very least make sure that you check the model number of your device to be be that it matches what you intend to purchase.



There are some tricky areas that you will encounter with this repair. Flex cables are very thin and fragile so be careful not to rip them. Fortunately they are relatively inexpensive but most of the other components in this tablet are not. If your lens isn’t already broken it will be difficult to remove it without damage. Once again your best friends are heat and a lot of patience. There is also a plastic piece that sits under the lens which if undamaged will not need to be replaced. The trick to keeping it in tact is to never use a metal pry tool to run down the sides. This will cut into the plastic and leave it looking very bad. Luckily this plastic piece is one other part that is not too expensive but does require new adhesive if removed. If you do replace it plan on adding another ten minutes or so to cut adhesive to fit around the perimeter of your iPad 2 between the plastic and the frame.