iPad Air Repair

On this page we will demonstrate iPad Air Repair for lens, LCD, and lightning port replacement. Scroll down the page for the lightning port replacement video.

Replacing your iPad Air lens is not necessarily difficult but it can be very time consuming. The design of this tablet involves a digitizer which is glued to the aluminum housing meaning that in order to separate it from the device there is a good possibility that you will damage the screen no matter how careful you are. Of course if your iPad Air already has a broken screen then you are probably not to concerned about breaking the glass but you will want to be aware of a few things before you begin. You should definitely watch the entire video as it shows the entire process from start to finish. We will replace the lens and digitizer as well as demonstrating the removal of the LCD and home button assembly. High quality replacement parts can be purchased through the links below.


When removing the old lens heat is absolutely essential. The glue that holds the lens+digitizer to the frame is very strong and at room temperature it will almost definitely cause additional damage to the iPad if you try to force it off of the tablet. There is a small plastic rim that goes around the edges and sits on top of the iPads housing and surrounds the glass lens. In some situations this frame may be damaged and require replacement as well. Using sharp edged tools to pry around the edges of the tablet can also damage this frame. Fortunately it is very inexpensive so you might want to order one of these when you purchase your replacement lens. For the record the color of the lens makes no difference so if you prefer to switch from black to white or vice versa this will not cause any complications.

It is also important to take into consideration the precise fit of the iPad Airs housing and lens. This becomes an issue when the corners of the tablet are dented since it can prevent the lens from seating properly. In the worst case it will not install properly and may break it you attempt to force it into place. At the very least you will end up hearing a clicking sound when you release pressure from certain spots around the edges. This is caused by the adhesive separating from the lens or housing and is a common problem with iPad repairs even when performed by Apple. Be sure to do a test run without any adhesive and make sure that the lens sits in place comfortably and is fully functional before you stick it all together. If you install a defective lens you will have to remove it without causing any damage if you are planning to return it to the vendor.

iPad Air Repair: Lightning Port Removal and Replacement Video

Replacing the charging port on an iPad Air is no easy task. We recommend that you leave this for a professional. Assuming that this is you then the video above should be helpful. You’ll have to pull the logic board as the flex cable attaches to the side underneath. This requires disconnecting all sorts of flex cables and antenna wires. The Wi-Fi only model won’t have quite as many components at the upper end of the tablet but it’s still no cake walk. Once the board has been removed you can de-solder the old flex cable and attach the new one. Make sure to look carefully at each contact point. We aren’t sure which ones are crucial for charging but in order to get current and allow data communication to the USB cable you’ll want to make sure that every single point is properly soldered.

ipad air repair
Damaged Lightning Port

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