iPhone 5 Housing Replacement

How to replace the housing on your iPhone 5. Before you attempt this repair please read the following.

If your iPhone is still under warranty you might want to wait until it has expired before switching out the housing. As you will see in the video below this is a labor intensive undertaking. It is also easy to damage the internal components if you are careless. If you decide to perform this repair you should be sure that you have the right tools on hand before you begin. Both a small Phillips and a Pentalobe driver are required for opening the iPhone 5 and removing the internals. An iSesamo Opening Repair Tool is highly recommended as it is very difficult to open this phone using a suction cup. An Magnetic Project Mat is also recommended as there are many different sized screws inside of the 5 which are not interchangeable and must be transferred to the new housing.

Initially I had planned on using the replacement housing which includes a glowing Apple on the back of the phone. Unfortunately it turns out that the light stays on all of the time so I decided not to connect it after all. Another obstacle to performing this repair is that it is very difficult to find custom colors for replacement housings that have an Apple on them in the US. While the Apple itself isn’t a big deal to everyone, some customers will not settle for anything else so it is necessary to order these from overseas. Shipping tends to take some time especially when coming from China so be prepared to wait a few weeks for your new housing to arrive. The good news is that while not exactly perfect they are of high enough quality that everything seems to fit well enough and all functionality of the phone should remain intact.


Phillips 000 Screwdriver

Pentalobe Screwdriver