iPhone 5 LCD Replacement

The iPhone 5 is similar in design to the 3G and 3GS when it comes to lens and LCD removal and replacement. You can purchase a replacement screen through the links below.

If you are not familiar with the previous two form factors the old 3G could be opened from the front giving immediate access to the screen with the simple removal of two screws and the disconnection of three flex cables. When the iPhone 4 was built access to the front of the phone became more complicated. Disassembly required removing the back panel and then taking out a number of different components in order to reach the screws that held the screen onto the front of the phone. This could be a tedious process for a beginner not to mention the fact that most of the internal screws were not interchangeable and there were a lot of parts on the inside which were easy to damage. Fortunately the iPhone 5 has gone back to a screen which can be removed from the front of the phones housing and requires minimal effort. There are a few things to watch out for and failure to follow the instructions in the video can result in permanent damage to your device.

Probably one of the most difficult steps in this repair is removing the old lens. It has a very precise fit inside of the housing so there isn’t really any “wiggle room” which would make prying a lot easier. While you may be able to remove the iPhone 5 LCD with a suction cup, most often it will be necessary to use a very thin metal pry tool in order to get between the glass and the phones housing. Be careful here as you don’t want to scratch your housing and breaking the glass any more than it might already be only creates a mess and greater risk of injury. Also note that one of the screws which hold a retaining bracket for your flex cables will not stick to a magnetized screwdriver so having a pair of precision anti-static tweezers on hand will help out a lot. You will need to transfer your old home button, the metal plate behind the display and a few other components located at the top of the iPhone 5 LCD.

A heat gun comes in very handy for removing your home button when you transfer it to the new display assembly. There is a small rubber gasket that surrounds it and prevents dust and moisture from entering the phone at the bottom. If this rubber piece becomes damaged it will not be as effective and if the adhesive which holds it in place is torn it will be very difficult to cut a ring that can be used to replace it. Try to take it all off at once if possible as shown in the video. The other purpose of this adhesive is to prevent the button from shifting its position. The square which is printed on it makes disorientation quite obvious and while some people might not mind it is likely that many will find this small detail very annoying once the button starts spinning out of position. Most iPhone 5 owners want their home button to look as good as their screen does.