iPhone 5C screen replacement

Performing an iPhone 5C screen replacement is very similar to the procedure used for the previous model, the iPhone 5. Access to the display assembly is allowed from the front of the phone. This is in contrast to the 4 and 4S which both require a complete tear down from back to front making them not only more difficult but also more prone to damage of unrelated components. While the parts are not compatible the form factor is almost identical making this a straightforward dis-assembly requiring a minimal time investment relatively speaking. Replacement screens are made from OEM iPhone 5C LCDs that have been removed from original iPhones and in most cases fitted with a replacement touchscreen. While there are many companies who re-manufacture iPhone parts we recommend purchasing from one who is reputable as there are noticeable differences in quality and performance between different after market screens. You may order them through the link below. Video tutorials can also be found further down the page.

It is very important to seat the display connectors properly. Because the iPhone 5C LCD and digitizer flex cables are very short it can be challenging to keep them plugged in while installing the cover plate and retaining its screws. It is best to plug in the cables and hold them in  place while positioning the LCD assembly so that you have a bit of slack in the cables and then installing the cover plate as quickly as possible while keeping the cables in a slacked position so that they do not shift at all. Failure to perform this maneuver correctly will often result with vertical or horizontal lines in the display and in some cases an unresponsive or malfunctioning digitizer.

iPhone 5C screen replacement video