Nexus 4 Screen Replacement

You can replace your Nexus 4 LCD with or without changing the mid-frame and bezel.

If you just want the screen use the instructions shown in the first video. If you want to purchase the entire assembly just follow the directions in the second video and be sure to purchase the one that comes with a frame. The pre-assembled display and mid-frame will save you time and your bezel will be brand new but it does cost about $10 more. In my opinion this is well worth it since your phone will look new from the front.


In this video the mid-frame and bezel are completely replaced along with our screen. If you want your E960 to look like new from the front then this is the way to go. 


Nexus 4 - screen replacement made easy

Due to a straightforward design which attaches the major components of the phone to a mid-frame the Nexus 4 is one of the easier smartphones to disassemble and repair. Two T-5 Torx screws are located at the bottom of the LG E960. You will need a Torx T-5 driver to remove these. Once these screws have been removed it is possible to pry the rear panel off of the phone. After the rear panel has been removed the battery terminal is accessible and can be disconnected by removing the two retaining screws and then gently prying away from the mid-frame. The LG E960 battery is secured with a very strong adhesive and should be heated in order to make the adhesive more pliable. Even using a liberal amount of heat will not make removing the battery an easy task. You should very slowly and carefully pry under the battery with a flat piece of plastic. Something like a credit card works well in this situation. Try not to bend the battery if possible and never use a sharp object for this as you can puncture the battery and cause permanent damage.

Inside you will find two panels held in place by Phillips screws. One of these panels covers the logic board and the other is part of the speaker assembly at the bottom. Removing all of the Phillips screws will allow removal of both panels although this is not necessary if you purchased an LCD/mid-frame assembly replacement unit. Once these are removed you can disconnect all cables attached to the logic board and then remove it. When the logic board and all modular components have been removed from the back side of the LG E960 mid-frame you may proceed to remove the lens/LCD assembly and install the replacement part.

If you purchased the replacement part that includes a new mid-frame then you will want to transfer all of the modular components into the LG E960 replacement assembly. If you only purchased the lens/LCD then you will need to remove the old one from it's mid-frame and install the new LCD. In this case it is not necessary to remove any of the other components.

Things to watch out for when replacing the LG Nexus 4 E960 LCD:

  • Always wear eye protection when prying or working with broken glass.
  • Be careful not to damage the battery which is held in place by a very strong adhesive.
  • Disconnect the battery before connecting or disconnecting the LCD.

If you have questions or comments about your Nexus 4 screen repair please post them in the section below.

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