LG Optimus 4G L9 Screen Repair

If you have questions about the LG Optimus 4G L9 or any other cell phone repair please post them in the comment section t the bottom of the page.

The easiest way to replace your LG Optimus 4G L9 touchscreen is to purchase the complete frame and lens assembly. Removing the glass from the front assembly is difficult and often results in a cracked or broken frame.

In this video I will show you how to replace the lens on your LG Optimus 4G. The majority of this repair is relatively easy until you get to the separation of the lens from the frame.


Be especially careful when dealing with the display. The LG Optimus 4G L9 LCD is very fragile.

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  1. Great Video on replacing the screen for the LG L9 P760. I was able to do it fairly quickly. Having both the screen and frame is crucial. Something else is crucial, and that is making sure the antenna is seated completely. It really needs to be pushed down hard, or you will get no cell reception.

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