Micro SIM card adapter

In order to switch between phone that use different sized SIM cards you will need to create a micro SIM adapter or in the case of an iPhone 5 a nano SIM card adapter. While these are available commercially I do not recommend buying the ones that are already cut. Because of the way that the SIM reader is designed it is very easy to damage the contacts which allow your SIM card to be read. Fortunately there is an easy solution to this problem. You can create an adapter that is exactly the same size as your SIM card and fits it like a glove. When used according to the directions in the video below this will be the safest way to switch your SIM card from one type of phone to another. You can purchase a SIM cutter through the links below. Be sure to select the right one for your phone.

The reason that SIM card adapters tend to damage phones is due to misalignment. If the micro or nano sim shifts while inside of the adapter it will get hung up on the hook like contacts which are built into the phones SIM reader. With some phones this is not a concern since the SIM rreader contacts are fully exposed and the DSIM card literally lays on top of them and is locked into place after the card is inserted. However most smartphones these days require that your SIM card is slid into a slot where it is difficult or impossible to be sure that noe of the terminals gets snagged. Since there really is no “one size fits all” at least not snugly enough chances are that your SIM card will move out of position enough to cause the problem described above. By making a custom adapter using a professional tool you can create a SIM card adapter with a perfect fit.

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