Galaxy Note 3 Repair

Galaxy Note 3 Replacement Screens

These Are Carrier Specific!

Make sure that you order the right display for your phone. In the video further down the page I will demonstrate how to perform the most common Galaxy Note 3 repair which is replacing the entire front section of the phone including lens, digitizer, AMOLED and bezel. The part can be ordered through the links on this page. For tools check out our Cell Phone Repair Tools page. Choose your carrier or model number from the buttons below.

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If you broke the screen on your Galaxy Note 3 then you will quickly learn that one of the most expensive components on this phone is the AMOLED. The good news is that repairing this phablet is just as easy as any other device released by Samsung within the last few years. With a small Phillips screwdriver, a pry tool or two, and a heat gun you should be able to replace your display within about 30 minutes. If you have never worked on a cell phone before then it may take you a bit longer.

The Note 3 is manufactured differently than its predecessors. Among the many changes made was the addition of stronger LOCA glue which helps to keep the lens attached to the digitizer and AMOLED. Unfortunately this means that removing the glass without damaging your display is just about impossible. The fact that an S-Pen flex cable is also glued between the screen and the mid-frame makes things even worse. Once again we are fortunate that this pre-assembled screen which come with the mid-frame and S-Pen flex make things much easier. There is another advantage to buying the part this way and that is the fact that you will have a brand new faux metallic bezel. This piece is usually damaged when the phone is dropped and over time they tend to get scuffed up due to normal wear and tear.

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Note 3 GSM displays for AT&T, T-Mobile and the Canadian N900W8 version

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Galaxy Note 3 N900A Complete Housing

Assembly with LCD- White



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Galaxy Note 3 N900A Complete Housing

Assembly with LCD- White


Note 3 replacement screens for Verizon and Sprint

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Note 3 replacement screens for the Neo N750/N7505- Currently unavailable

It is a good idea to test your replacement part before installation. This can save you a lot of time in the event that your phone has additional problems or in the unlikely case that you receive a defective part. This can be accomplished by plugging the new part into the display connector on the original phone once the rear panel has been removed and the pop connector unplugged. You can also use a test cable if you have one on hand.

When performing this repair be sure to disconnect all flex cables and antenna wires before you attempt to remove the logic board, charging port, etc. Failure to do so can result in additional damage and costs. It is worth noting that the vibrator motor is attached to the frame with a very strong adhesive. Without the use of a heat gun it is easy to damage the attached flex cable.

When removing the volume control cables it is a good idea to first remove the rocker button itself. There will also be adhesive holding the cable in place on the inner side so once again be sure to use sufficient heat and take your time. The rocker is removed by pulling it toward the outside of the phone which may seem counterintuitive. When installing the rocker button into the new housing be sure that the clear rubber pieces come all the way into the frame or you may have trouble operating the volume controls. They should click when pressed and spring back when released.



You can also order a display assembly to repair your Note 3 cracked screen without a mid-frame. This will require that the old AMOLED is removed from your existing frame. The advantage is that this part is compatible with any Note 3 whether it is GSM, CDMA or the international version. If you choose this option you can order through the links below or the right hand side bar. Make sure that your earpiece mesh and home buttons are in the right position before installation. Once you remove the plastic from the replacement AMOLED and attach it to the housing it is very difficult to remove without causing damage.

Galaxy Note 3 International Version N9005

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If you have questions regarding a Galaxy Note 3 repair please post them in the section below.

59 Comments on “Galaxy Note 3 Repair

  1. Hello. I saw your video on youtube to repair a galaxy note 3 and you talk about part compatibility among models. I have a canadian LTE note 3 sm-n900w8. I cracked the glass and the chrome frame around the phone is badly damaged id like to replace those two components but I am not sure which parts would be compatible. Any advice? My touchscreen still works fine. Ive seen glass lenses and empty frames for sale as well as full front ends with digitizer and lens included. Ive never repaired a phone before and im wondering what would be the best option.


    1. I am from canada, cracked my screen, digitizer still works but too scared to try to seperate the glass, my phones model number on the tag is N900W8 and on the phone it saids its a N900A, which screen do i buy?

    1. I have never seen a 2900… Can you double check the model number? If it is the N900W8 then the GSM frame (AT&T or T-Mobile) should work. If you buy just the display without a mid-frame then you’ll be fine too as they are all the same.

  2. I dropped and shattered the screen on my Smasung Galaxy Note 3 less than one hour ago. As of right now, the screen is not showing any signs of life despite the cracks it has. If I choose to replace the screen and digitizer of my phone with the parts sold above, how likely is it to fix my problem? Basically, I want to know if replacing the contents would actually fix the problem. I don’t want to spend $200+ on the replacement to find out that the screen still isn’t active. Thank you.

    1. Does the phone ring if you call it? If so then yes a replacement screen should solve the problem. As long as you don’t put any wear and tear on the new part you should always be able to return it if not. There may be a restocking fee in some cases.

  3. i have a galaxy note 3, it is just broke, it is a tmobile model n9000t, which part sould i be buying from you to make the repair, i saw your video and it can be done by myself, just need to buy the part.-


  4. Hi I seen on eBay that I can buy just the LCD and replacement screen…do I need to buy the 200$ part or a way to do just the screen and LCD?

    1. If your display (AMOLED) is damaged then you need to buy the whole assembly. While it is possible to replace just the glass on the Note 1 and 2 the Note 3 appears to be a lot more difficult. Unless you have a lot of experience, a heating plate, LOCA glue, UV curing light, etc. I would just buy the pre-assembled part. They are pricey but at least you know that it will work when you are finished.

  5. I have the ATT note 3 with a part number of N900A white, but mine is black, the only one i see is N900T in black. will the N900t work on my N900A?

  6. Hi I dropped my phone (AT&T) and broke my screen and nothing shows up. When I try to start my phone, it makes a small vibration every 30 seconds or so I don’t think it’s fully booting up. Do you think replacing the LCD assembly will fix the booting problem as well?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. That sounds like more than a broken screen. Did it land on the power button? A damaged or defective power switch will often cause what you described.

  7. Sir, I have a N9006 china Note 3, My glass screen is broken in one corner but phone touch is good. Do I need to replace only the screen or the frame.Also, my charging pin is not working can I get the part. I am from India.

    1. For the Note 3 it is more difficult to remove the glass from the digitizer than the earlier versions in my experience. Currently we recommend replacing the entire display assembly including the AMOLED and digitizer. The charging port is relatively easy to replace and the part can be found here. You can probably find a supplier closer to India however. Many replacement parts come from China.

  8. I just broke the glass of my Verizon Note 3. I looked at the internet on how to repair this unit and your YouTube video came up (by the way, pretty informative). The screen still functions well but the glass is cracked pretty badly, is there a way to replace the glass only or do I have to replace the whole part with a new Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note 3 N900V LCD Touch Digitizer Screen Home Button Frame??? If I do, do you also have the tool kit so I can repair the phone and can I use a regular blow dryer for heat???

    Thank you for your prompt response,

    Ivan H.

    1. It is possible but not easy. We usually just replace the entire display assembly on the Note 3 and if you’ve never removed glass before you will most likely damage the AMOLED on your first couple of attempts. You can use a blow dryer but it does take a lot longer to get sufficient heat. As far as tools you’ll see in the video it just takes a PH00 driver, a couple of pry tools and some adhesive to perform this repair.

  9. changing the lcd with frame module will this change the IMEI as well? Where does the storage sit?

    Also how will this affect future firmware upgrade?

    1. It is very risky to the AMOLED especially if you don’t have the right (fairly expensive) equipment. I would recommend using a case to cover the blemishes if possible.

  10. I have a T mobile note 3. I dropped my phone while hiking, it hit a few rocks before it completely fell to the ground. The screen is not cracked but the inside of it is. my screen is now black, I can get text (by voice command) and phone calls but cannot pick it up. My voice command is still working but I tried to see if i all my pictures were saved so i plugged it into my computer and it shows up no data. Three questions. 1. did i lose all of my pictures and saved files due to this? 2. what do i need to fix the screen 3. if i fix my screen will I have all my saved files and pictures back? thanks for you help!

    1. You most likely need to put the phone into the correct mode to sync multimedia. This is difficult when you can’t see what you are doing. You photos should still be there as long as just the screen was damaged. If you replace the screen you will most likely be able to recover your stored data.

  11. I have a Rogers Note 3. It fell on the ground when I get off my car. The glass is slightly broken at the bottom. Ambled and LCD and everything is working fine. I bought a glass screen and I was planning to replace it myself. I know how to replace LCD for iPhones, but replacing a glass for note 3 is kinda tricky when I watched it on youtube.

    Anyway, is it more practical to just replace the LCD and Amoled with bezel rather than replacing the the glass screen?

    Do you have an available LTE LCD Screen Display Digitizer Bezel Frame White for Galaxy Note 3 (SM-N900W8)? Do you ship here in Vancouver Canada? Is it free shipping? Thanks!

    1. The Note 3 glass can be removed but yes the glue used on that model is very strong so the short answer is take your time and be very patient. You just cannot rush the process and the surface temp has to be kept up or you can easily crack the AMOLED. Buying the whole display is much easier but of course will cost more. If you already have the right equipment I would say give it a shot and if you break it then you can buy the whole piece. For one time do-it-yourselfers though it’s usually best just to get the pre-assembled part. For the N900W8 you can use the links at the top of the page. Rogers should be compatible with the AT&T US version.

  12. I have a sm-n900p note sprint what would i need to buy from u to fix it it had broken glass digitizer and lcd

  13. Im in Canada, I got a free upgrade from BELL….will any of these work with my phone? or should i go buy some china screen

    1. Bell Canada should be CDMA so the Verizon screens I believe are what you need. If you remove the rear panel beneath the battery cover there should be a series of numbers printed at the top left hand side of the battery compartment. If you can tell me what those numbers are I can give you a more definite answer.

  14. hi, I have note 3. It cracked 10 days ago but my touchscreen still worked fine. The phone rang and the screen showed a little signs. I took it for repair but yesterday he said that your phone doesnt accept the lcd and go hot and… I think he is a trainer and damage my phone. is it right?

  15. Will this part for Samsung note 3 N90005 cause data loss as my screen is damaged please confirm as i cannot backup my data because of the onscreen password lock. 🙂

  16. Hi.. I have a Sprint galaxy note 3 which my life cracked.. I was wondering if you might have anymore replacement for this model any time soon.. Thank you

  17. Hi, I want to buy lcd and glass (and perhaps housing though nothing is wrong with it I think), for a sm-n9005 Australia Note 3 (lte I think). I can’t find for less than $158-180 usd, which is more than to replace it at a shop near to me. Is it really not cheaper than this, can you help me find a way to save money please. Thanks. The guy near replaces it $210 aud ~ 150 usd, still cheaper than I can find online with labor included.

    1. Over here the part by itself costs about $135-150. If the guy at that shop does the entire display including the AMOLED for $150 that’s a great deal. Is your display broken or just the glass? If it’s the latter I suspect he is only replacing that and reusing the old digitizer and AMOLED which saves a lot of money but is a risky repair unless you are very experienced.

  18. Dropped my note 3 at&t and the LCD, the glass and the entire screen is history now. Tried to get a replacement but didn’t know they costed that much. Now I fear I may not use the note 3 again. But just decided to make myself a little vulnerable here and ask for help. Please can anyone gift me with the LCD screen?

  19. This is my second note 3 that I replaced the screen on but after replacing the screen will not power up, also replaced the power switch and it still does not power up, this unit is a SM-N900P. Battery has a full charge with the charger plugged in the unit shows the total charge but still no power the screen, any idea that can help on getting this unit to work will help.

    1. So are you seeing the full battery displayed on the screen? If so then I’d assume the button is not working/installed correctly- it’s easy to put in backwards because of the way it’s designed- or something on the motherboard is damaged. Hard to say without looking at it but under a microscope it would be possible to short the lock button connection to see if it will power up that way.

  20. Hi there, I have the note 3 N9005 i think it is, I’m in New Zealand. I dropped it and most of the screen is black, there is a bit of coloration at the top and I can just see the notification bar, I can see I have received a text and I can also miraculously receive phone calls as well by swiping the black screen so the mic and everything is still working for calls!! So I’m wondering if that part listed above for the N9005 for $56 is the correct part that I need? I want to do exactly like you did on your YouTube video by replacing the whole front part. Is that the correct part for my phone and the same as what you used for $56 as I am getting confused as I can also find what looks the same part for $112? Thanks so much, I no it’s hard to no what part I would need but I want that exact same part that you used on the video but the correct size or whatever to fit my N9005 note 3 for New Zealand…
    thanks thanks thanks, your video is great by the way

  21. Hello, Im from mexico, I have note 3 and my frame phone is broken so, it necesary change the screen to fix the frame??

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