Galaxy S4 Screen Replacement

The fastest and easiest way to fix your S4 display

One of the most common repairs for Samsung phones is the Galaxy S4 screen replacement. It is also one of the easiest assuming that you purchase the complete front assembly which includes a mid-frame, AMOLED, touchscreen and all of the required components on the front like a home button and earpiece mesh cover. It is possible to buy the screen separately from the mid-frame but since the price difference is not great and you will save a lot of time we recommend buying the full assembly. In some cases you might also be able to recycle your old part if only the glass is broken and the AMOLED is intact. You can purchase a new display for your phone through the links below. Be sure to verify that the model number shown on the bar code label.

AT&T and T-Mobile GSM Screens are available here.

The Verizon and Sprint CDMA versions are here.

Unlock your AT&T or T-Mobile Galaxy S4 here.

Beside being a very small difference in price the pre-assembled version also replaces the bezel around the edges of the glass so your phone will look like new with the exception of the battery cover and rear housing panel which can also be easily replaced. This means that any scuffs or scars on the surface of your S4 can be fixed. Following the tutorial shown in the video will allow you to learn not only how to complete a Galaxy S4 screen repair but also demonstrates the removal and installation of several other modular components like the headset jack, front facing camera, and internal antenna wire. If you really want to get to know your phone and how to repair it this is the way to go.

Galaxy S4 Screen Replacement Tools

The tools required for this repair are minimal and can be found in many retail stores. You might need to visit a few different ones or you can always order them from our tools page. For this and most Galaxy series phones you will need the following.


  • PH00 Phillips driver
  • Thin pry tool
  • Heat gun

The Phillips driver and heat gun can be purchased from any hardware store. Technically you can substitute a hair dryer for the heat gun but expect your repair to take a while longer and there will be an increased risk of damaging the flex cables inside of the phone which are held in place by a very strong adhesive. The pry tool can be anything from a .73 mm guitar pick to a fingernail. With guitar picks being so cheap and widely available we recommend buying one as they tend to come in handy for a lot of different things even if you aren’t a musician. These can be found at any music store.

In this video I will move the logic board and other major components into a new Samsung Galaxy S4 mid-frame AMOLED assembly. Note that there is a small silver cover that sits on top of the charging port held in place by two outer case crews. The cover is not visible after one of the transitions as it fell out of the phone during the repair. Note that there is also also a small pink square on the original mid-frame that can be transferred to the new one.

 Galaxy S4 Screen Replacement Video

The  entire process is fairy straightforward for this phone as you can see in the video above. If your lens is cracked we recommend taping over it so that you can minimize the amount of glass fragments that fall off during the procedure. It is very frustrating to get glass splinters in your hands because they are very difficult to remove when there is nothing to grab a hold of.

Start by removing the battery cover. There is a small area just above the power button where you can pry it off. Next remove the battery, memory card, and SIM card if applicable. From here you can proceed to remove all of the silver screws that hold the rear frame panel in place. The area where this frame separates from the AMOLED is very close to the front of the phone. You can pry it off with a thin tool or in some cases your fingernail will do the trick. Be sure not to place too much stress on the frame or phone assembly as you might end up with even more damage.

Once the rear panel has been removed from the phone you can begin removing the internal components. Be sure disconnect your antenna wires and flex cables first as you do not want to place any stress on them when you pull the motherboard out. Also be sure to remove the black screw which holds the board in place. The charging port has a small metal piece covering it. We assume that this was meant to reinforce the port as they are easily broken. You will find that there is adhesive under the daughter board at the bottom end of the phone so do be sure to apply heat here and be very careful when removing it.

You must be absolutely certain that all of the parts from your original mid-frame are transferred to the new one. Take your time and study each section carefully so that you don’t miss anything. There will often be very small rubber pieces that aren’t easily observed but do serve an important purpose. Make sure not to leave any of these behind or else you will have to take your S4 apart again to install them. It is a good idea to keep your original part for a while also just in case you forgot something and discover it later on.

Test your Galaxy S4 screen replacement before installation

It is always a good idea to test your new part before you completely reassemble your phone. After you install the logic board you can test the functionality of the new screen without putting all of the screws back into the rear housing. You should also be sure that you have the right tools before you begin your repair. In this case you will need a pry tool, a 00 Phillips screwdriver and tweezers. The picture below points out the two pink pads that I mention in the video. You can use a very small amount of heat to make these pliable and peel them off of the old frame if your new one comes without them. Be careful as they are easy to tear. Notice that in the video the original frame that I removed the logic board from still had blue tape covering the small one at the top left. This was an OEM Samsung Galaxy S4 so maybe they forgot to remove it during the original assembly.

galaxy s4 screen replacement

When it comes to a Galaxy S4 screen repair we often often encounter customers who are skeptical about investing in this repair for a few different reasons. They may be considering an upgrade to the S5 or perhaps aren’t completely aware that the price they paid for their phone at the time of purchase is not the same price that they would end up spending on a new one. Fortunately the cost of parts required for most repairs is almost always lower than the cost of replacing the phone which makes this repair a good investment even if you are planning on selling yours. As the value of any cell phone diminishes so does the cost of the most of its individual parts.

If you have questions or comments regarding the Galaxy S4 screen replacement please post them in the comment section below.


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  1. Thanks you guys are great. And I loved the video,I’d much rather do that replacement then the plain screen for a 1st timer, and have spare parts.

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