Galaxy Note N7000 LCD (AMOLED) replacement

This video shows a complete disassembly of the Samsung Galaxy Note N7000. You can follow the instructions below to replace your AMOLED if it has been broken. If the glass on the front of your Galaxy Note is damaged we recommend replacing the entire front assembly which includes a new AMOLED and digitizer. Click the link below to order your new screen.

The S-Pen Flex cable is often damaged during the removal of your AMOLED and is relatively inexpensive to purchase. To perform this repair you should use a 00 Phillips screwdriver, a heat gun and a thin pry tool. Your replacement AMOLED should come with adhesive on the back. Be sure to remove all of the plastic which covers the adhesive before you install the new screen as anything left behind may result in problems related to the camera and proximity sensor. It may also result in an insufficient amount of adhesive surface causing your screen to dislodge later on. At the bottom of the unit be careful not to cut the flex cable which controls the lights for your navigation buttons or you might need to replace this as well. We recommend testing the new screen and all of the phones functionality before removing the adhesive strips since once the screen is stuck into place it will be difficult to remove without risking damage.

You might also wish to purchase a replacement S-Pen flex cable:


While there are people who have tried replacing just the glass itself the result is not satisfactory from a users perspective. This impressive display is made possible in part due to the fact that the glass, digitizer and AMOLED are fused together during the manufacturing process. Attempting to separate the glass from your AMOLED usually results in a broken AMOLED. Removing the glass and attempting to replace it can also result in excessive glare especially in direct sunlight, glitchy digitizer behavior which requires locking and then unlocking the screen or power cycling the entire device and ultimately dust getting trapped between the glass and digitizer. In other words if you want your Galaxy Note N7000 to look and work the same way that it did when you purchased it you will need to replace the entire front section as shown in the video.

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  1. Hi, my friend recently helped me change the whole panel but since then I have very bad service signal.
    Has anyone experienced this? Is there a way to fix it to the way it was before (= completely normal withou any “blackouts”)?

    Thanks a lot!

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