How To Fix Phones

“Where did you learn how to fix phones?” A lot of customers ask me this question. Did I go to school for it? Am I self educated? Did someone coach me along the way? As you might imagine this is something that I never gave much thought to until people started asking me. There isn’t a college course that you can take although there are some related topics that might help you learn many of the skills that you’ll need. The problem is that if you were to create a semester long program for phone repair it would be outdated by the time students completed it.

Of course there are a lot of phones that stay on the market for a year or more but technology changes rapidly and the techniques that we employ to fix phones must adapt quickly. There are week long programs that give you a crash course in the most recent types of phone repair but the truth is that this is an industry that requires constant self education. I got involved in cell phone repairs back in 1994 and there are probably a lot of people out there who have been doing it even longer. In the beginning many of us went to workshops held by phone manufacturers and earned our certification for each brand. Within a few years though most of them discontinued their training programs and we were on our own.

Learning How To Fix Phones Requires Self education

For the next decade or so it has was a matter of exploration for most of us. At least until recent years when video tutorials became publicly available and websites began publishing schematics and how to guides it was a matter of figuring it out for ourselves. As you can imagine some costly mistakes were made along the way but I have to say that it was very rewarding to deconstruct a phone successfully and then put it back together without any help. Fortunately you don’t have to do that but having the ability to understand the mechanics behind cell phone construction certainly doesn’t hurt.

If you really want to fix phones then you should consider finding someone to help you along the way. A good cell phone repair training program might be the part of the answer but you will want to get as much information as possible from a multitude of resources. When potential students ask me how hard it is to learn how to fix phones its tough to really give them a short answer. The most important attributes that come to mind immediately are:

Good eyesight- If you can’t see perfectly up close at least with corrective lenses then you may want to consider a different occupation. We work with some very small parts and you must be able to identify them correctly at a glance.

how to fix phones
A small screw compared to the letters on a dime.

A steady hand. Threading screws that small or soldering a micro USB charging port leaves very little room for error. You must be able to line these things up perfectly.

Attention to detail- Diagnosing phone problems requires that you notice things that many people will miss.

Organization- This is a big one! If you don’t keep screws and other small parts in order you can easily destroy a customers phone. If you cannot at least learn to be highly organized than I can almost guarantee that you will fail.

Patience- Learning how to fix phones and then proceeding to do so requires a lot of patience. Things don’t always fall into place and getting upset usually results in more damage to the phone. If you aren’t patient by nature then the best advice is to step away when you feel like you are losing your cool. Work on something else for a while and come back to your greatest challenge later.

Final Thoughts On How To Fix Phones

If you want to get some experience buy a few phones to practice with. Rather than risk damaging someone else’s equipment learn with your own. There are few things about this business that are as painful as having to replace a late model handset. If you start with something that won’t set you back a lot if you break it you can then work your way up to the more late model phones and tablets gradually. Learning how to fix phones will require an investment but there’s no need to take unnecessary risks. 

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  1. Hey there! I have a doubt, I get these vertical lines on the screen and how do I fix it without replacing? There has to be some common troubleshooting problems I suppose? If it helps me in any way without replacing getting done!


  2. Hello Do you have a trusted supplier? I need a screen and digitizer replacement for a nexus 5. I have watched your replacement videos and have a trusted repair individual but I am to get the part myself as he said it would be more cost effective. I have been searching E Bay but i want to be certain i get the parts that will not have any extra housings? or guards that would make the change in effective. i have a spider web crack just on the top right of the screen and want to get it replaced as the touch screen and everything else seems to be working fine. Thank You Marsha

      1. flashtech llc does really well too and they are not as expensive as e-trade supply. If you call them, tell adam John at 3/3 Nerd told you to contact him.

        1. I’ll check them out. We are always looking for wholesalers with good parts. There are plenty out there that are cheap but high quality is the more important factor for us.

  3. Hi Ryan,

    I was doing a restore on an LG Optimus e970 that was given to my store. The back panel glass was broken. It was broken in a critical part where it covers some kind of flex cable in the middle (wireless charging module maybe?) Anyway, I can’t seem to find anything more than just the back glass from any of my suppliers or online (can’t find the complete back cover) so I can replace the whole unit. I also can not seem to locate that flex that is on the back cover which was adhesived to the broken glass and torn. 1. What is that cable? Is it the wireless charging module? 2. Do you have any clue where I can get a replacement for that part, or for the whole back cover? Please e-mail me your response so I know you responded, if you would.



    1. I believe that might be part of the antenna system. I’ll see if I can dig one up somewhere but as you mentioned these don’t seem to be for sale anywhere. Might have to salvage the replacement from a used phone.

  4. Hi, i dropped my micromax a 310 in water n now i given to a repair shop he cleaned it and he said it damaged the camera…
    both front cam and back cam with flash are not working in my phone …
    does water effects camera.. and flash.??
    how to repair it.??
    i changed the rom and checked it for miui 5.6.25 and miui 5.7.9 ,,both failed to open the camera..shows “CANT CONNECT TO CAMERA TRY RESTARTING YOUR DEVICE”

    1. Yes moisture will affect your camera. It could be that one of them is affected and prevents the app from opening. It might be necessary to clean the logic board and camera connector areas on the board or you may have to replace one or both of the camera. It’s hard to say for sure until the phone has been disassembled and diagnosed. I haven’t seen this model yet and I don’t think that the Micromax is for sale in the US but if I come across one I will make a disassembly video.

  5. I have a samsung s4 active like a dummy its suppose to be waterproof I videoed for a couple of minutes in a lake less than a foot under the surface. It got wet. 1 month past warranty. I sent it in and they said corrosion unrepairable. But it will power up, charge will hear my message notification. light blinks for message. But screen won,t light up. I was able to get all my info via usb connection to pc. I took a chance and bought a new lcd and digitizer and replaced it. Made no difference. I am thinking motherboard but yet it should not have all my info if it was damaged should it? That is the only other thing I can think of. You have any suggestions?

    1. Cleaning up the logic board might help. It’s good that you were at a lake and not the ocean. Salt water kills phones fast. I am disappointed in Samsung for promoting that phone as waterproof. It is far from it as you already know.

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