How to make your iPhone 6/6S apple glow

Yesterday I finished up the glowing apple iPhone 6 modification. Overall it wasn’t all that difficult and had I not been recording the process on camera it probably would have taken about thirty minutes or so. The manufacturer suggests using tape and foam cushions to connect the logo to your back light unit which acts as the power source. Soldering the connections would have some advantages but with the possibility of your phone still being under warranty it might be better to forego what would seem to be a better connection. Also not everyone has a soldering iron handy.

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The first step for performing this mod is to remove the display. If you’ve never replaced your iPhone 6 screen before don’t panic. You won’t need to go through all of the steps that are normally required for screen replacement. You will have to remove the battery though since the apple logo is located beneath it. You will also need to remove some of the main board screws so keeping things in order will be very important during the process. The iPhone 6 has lots of screws inside and very few of them are interchangeable. Putting a screw in the wrong spot can cause serious problems for your phone.

Once you have removed the screen the battery will come out next. This will expose the area where your original apple logo is located. From here you will want to remove the two pieces of tape along side the apple and then carefully pry the apple out of the housing. It’s always a good idea to hold onto anything with an apple printed on it and since this actually is an apple well you get the idea. If you ever want to sell your iPhone 6 or take it to apple for warranty work you’ll want to put it back in place.


The glowing logo doesn’t come with much in the way of instructions but it’s easy enough to figure out for the most part. It fits well and seems to function without any problems so far. My favorite part is the fact that the logo dims when your display does which means that it should not add significantly to battery drain. On the other hand the only way to turn it completely off is to turn your brightness down to the minimum setting or disconnect the power source which means opening up the phone again. Other than that I have no complaints and may end up buying some in different colors soon.

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  1. Step back and look at this 6s, 7, etc., adhesive strip(s) problem from another perspective—applying the adhesive to the display is MUCH MUCH easier than applying to the iPhone frame.

    1. Agreed. I wish that they would put the backing on in a way that made that easy to do. Same issue with Motorola rear panel adhesives. They’d be so much easier to align if you could attach them to the phone first instead of the battery cover.

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