iPhone 8 Plus Screen Replacement with Waterproofing Adhesive


iPhone 8 Plus Screen Replacement


In order to perform an iPhone 8 Plus screen replacement scroll down and choose one of the video tutorials below.

The first one is designed for those who already have hands on experience working with iPhone repairs and the second goes into greater detail for those who are doing this for the first time or haven’t worked on an iPhone in a while. Keep in mind that there are many sensitive components inside and when performing any phone repair there is always some risk of damage involved. If you need help contact us for a repair quote. You can also find the parts and tools used for this repair through the links below.


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iPhone 8 Plus Screen Replacement Pro Version

iPhone 8 Plus Screen Replacement Detailed Version

Make sure that your phone is powered down and start by removing the two pentalobe screws located on either side of the lightning port.

When performing an iPhone 8 Plus screen replacement keep in mind that the Phone opens like a book but from left to right just like the iPhone 7. There are cables connected inside so make sure not to pry the display too far away from the housing or you can damage them. As a rule I try not to go any deeper than 2 mm.

There’s an adhesive gasket that goes around the perimeter of the housing so you may want to apply heat using a heat gun or hair dryer to make it more pliable. Also the top end is latched in so we won’t get too far until we release it by sliding the screen downward a bit.

iPhone 8 Plus Screen Replacement
Inner Latch

Use a thin pry tool to prop up the screen. Some people like using an iSesamo for this part. Personally I find that a dulled razor blade is thinner and easier to work into the gap.

Once you have the screen slightly separated switch over to a softer pry tool. Or don’t. If you are comfortable using something else that is up to you of course. A water proof playing card dipped in 91% rubbing alcohol has become my go to tool for prying into small spaces like this. If that doesn’t work for you the super thin guitar picks are another good option.

You won’t be able to pry in very far at the top end due to the latches so don’t be worried about that too much. From here you can use a slightly thicker pry tool to increase the gap at the bottom and along the sides. 

Get a grip on the screen and slide it downward a bit before pulling to away from the left hand side. You want to create enough clearance for the hooks inside to unlatch.

You’ll also need something to prop the screen open while removing the screws from two cover plates on the inside. Notice that the two fastening the front facing camera are Y000 tri-lobe while the four that hold the display connectors on are Phillips.

Once the screws are removed you can lift out the cover plates. We have four cables to unplug. Start with the battery connector which is second from the lower end of the phone unless you prefer to live dangerously.

I find precision tweezers work well here but whatever tool you choose do be careful. There are a whole bunch of tiny components between the connectors that would be easy to knock off with a pry tool or fingernail.

There are five screws holding the retaining panel behind the earpiece. Once you have removed them lift the panel out, fold the camera to the side and remove your earpiece speaker. From here you will want to use heat, patience, and precision to carefully peel the flex cable away from the display assembly. It’s all one piece so make sure not to tear anything. Use some rubbing alcohol again if you have a hard time peeling it away. If you have problems with your front facing camera, earpiece speaker, or proximity sensor after completing you iPhone 8 Plus screen replacement this is where you’ll want look for problems. A damaged cable or connector is likely at fault. 

There’s a small piece of double sided tape that we will transfer over later but if your’s gets damaged you may want to replace it with 3M, Red Tape, or something similar.

There are four tri-lobe screws holding down the retaining panel for the home button flex cable. Be extremely careful here as we cannot replace a damaged touch ID system. 

Once you have removed the cover plate unsnap the home button flex cable from the one behind the metal panel. I like to secure the lower part while disconnecting this but you want to avoid putting pressure on anything else in the vicinity.

Using heat and alcohol here again will allow you to pry behind the cable. Try not to bend it at all if possible. Stress on the cable can cause components to lose their connection and result in the loss of touch ID functionality.

From here the assembly is the reverse of the removal process. If you need any clarification for how to perform your iPhone 8 Plus Screen Replacement please view the video tutorials.

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