Lumia 1520 Screen Replacement

In this video we will remove and replace the display assembly for a Nokia Lumia 1520. This is a somewhat more complicated repair than our last Nokia the 1020. Probably the toughest part is getting the battery off of the mid-frame without damaging it. They used some very sticky adhesive to hold it in place. You will need the following tools to perform this repair:

  • SIM tray removal tool or small paper clip
  • T2 and T4 Torx drivers
  • Thin pry tool- we used a .73mm nylon guitar pick
  • Heat Gun- this is NOT optional
  • iPhone pry tool "crow bar"
  • iSesamo pry tool
  • Plastic stick spudger
  • Expired credit card or something similar to pry the battery out- your card may become damaged during the repair

Available here at Etradesupply and through Ebay. 

24 Comments on “Lumia 1520 Screen Replacement

  1. Hi, do you send this product (Lumia 1520 Screen Replacement) to Mexico City?

    In that case, I have these questions:

    1 How much does it cost with the shipping additional costs.

    2 How long does it take to get here

  2. I watched your video on replacing the Nokia Lumia 1520 digitizer/glass and wanted to know the recommended tools besides the heat gun.

    1. The ones with the metal plate on the back are the easiest to install. They are just like the one that I used in the video. If you don’t see the metal plate included then you have to pull the old display off and mount the new on one it. This is messier and take more time just to save a couple of dollars. Also if you do it the hard way any blemishes on your bezel will still be there afterward.

  3. My Nokia Lumia 1520 will not turn on. I have tried the soft and hard reset. The problem started when I went to unlock my screen and the phone froze and eventually turned off. At the time the rear of the phone near the battery felt abnormally warm to the touch and the phone had not been exposed to any direct heat. Any suggestions? Thank you for your time.

    1. You might try another battery. That doesn’t sound good though. I don’t have much experience with that phone but if I think of anything I will add it here.

  4. Would you recommend to go ahead a purchase a new battery before you start the screen replacement? Considering how hard it is to get the battery out and that you have the phone already disassembled, I would think it would be prudent. Do you disagree?

    1. It never hurts to have a spare battery on hand even if you don’t need it right away. That said I would base my decision on how important it is to make sure that there is no down time with the device.

  5. hey.ihave a stribes on my mobile screen but my screen is not broken what should i do change all the display or just the inside one : Thanks for help send back please

    1. With the Lumia I would recommend buying the complete display with the frame attached to it. This will make your work easier and won’t have to worry about adding adhesive.

  6. I am looking to replace the cracked digitizer on my 1520. Would buying just a digitizer, UV glue, and a UV lamp be adequate? All of this is still less than half the cost of a complete display assembly, which I do not need. Or is unbonding the digitizer from the LCD practically impossible?

    1. I haven’t tried with that one yet. Between the part, tools, risk, and time investment I would not recommend it unless you are an experienced tech.

    1. The tools listed at the top of the page are what you will want to have on hand for this project. As for your question about the blow dryer maybe but the adhesive on this phone is pretty tough. I’d recommend a proper heat gun. For more information you might want to read this page.

  7. After I saw your replys, I still want to replace just the glass. Is it possible? Would you mind to make a video abt it?

  8. I lost vibration after an LCD repair. The same issue happens even after trying two different motors. Am I missing any steps? Do I have to solder on a new fuse for the vibrator?

    1. It sounds like maybe something isn’t lined up right or maybe got damaged during the repair. I wish that I could be more helpful but it’s really hard to say without seeing it.

  9. Hello,

    I have a problem with my screen. I think something to do with the digitizer. I’m having the tap and scroll issue which alot of 1520s seem to have. What should I do?


    1. I haven’t had that experience yet but maybe check the connector. There could be a lot of things that might cause your problem. Defective part, moisture damage, impact damage, etc.

  10. Hello, thanks a lot for your tutorial, it helped a lot. But my phone gets sometimes very hot even after a short use. My guess is that the cause is a the heat spreading tape, is it ok to use different one to replace it? (

    Or could it be some different problem? The heat is coming from chip not battery.

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