Organizational Tools

Keeping your parts and tools organized is crucial to the success of your phone repair. On this page you will find the most commonly used tools for keeping your project in order. While a trained professional may not require everything that you see here anyone new to the business or performing a screen replacement for the first time should find these very helpful.

Magnetic Mat

This is designed for repeated use and features a dry erase surface that allows you to take notes, draw diagrams, and erase everything when you move on to your next project. The magnetic surface is great for holding screws in place even of someone bumps into your workbench.

Multi function Silicone Pad

DottorPod Organizer Trays

If you prefer something more specific to the repair that you are performing then check out these custom templates. They are available for most popular cell phone models from Apple to Samsung.


Magnetic Tool Holder

Keep your screwdrivers and other metallic tools organized and within reach with a magnetic tool holder. This can be attached to a wall stud with screws or tied to a pegboard with zip ties.