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If You Own an iPhone You’re Probably Rich?

Does owning an iPhone mean that you are wealthy? According to one study this is one way to determine one’s income level so they say. Today we discuss this and more recent technology news.

Apple Fined $6.6 Million | June 21st, 2018 Phonecast

Apple has been fined the equivalent of $6.6 million in an Australian court over “Error 53” an issue that rendered many devices useless. Oppo has a revolutionary design that we may see in the US. Online reviews are far from trustworthy in many cases.

iPhone 7 “Loop Disease” | WWDC 2018 | Tech Hangout Live

The iPhone 7 “Loop Disease” is becoming more prevalent these days. If your phone exhibits any of the symptoms it is most likely due to broken/damaged solder joints under the Audio IC. What will we see at WWDC 2018? It’s time to talk tech.

Tech Hangout Live

Nokia 6.1 comes to the US, HTCs newest flagship, another LG release, change your Twitter password, and more…

Sprint Stock Declines Over Merger Concerns | This Week in Wireless

The Sprint T-Mobile merger mat face opposition from the Justice Department, don’t ask Siri to define “mother” more than once, Ming-Chi Kuo will most likely not give us iPhone predictions in the future, Huawei has been working on their own operating system just in case, and more, this week in wireless.