How Much Does it Cost to Make an iPhone X?

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iPhone X is one of Time’s 25 best inventions of 2017?

How long has this phone even been available? According to a new list of the top 25 inventions of the year published by TIME magazine the iPhone X is one of the best inventions of 2017.

Radical new changes include:

They did away with the home button.
An interface that embraces new gestures.
New camera technology.
Face ID.

Apple Design Chief Jony Ive says that holding onto features, even those that have been effective, “is a path that leads to failure.” I’m not sure what that means. If it works fix it anyways, guess?

Apple could become the first trillion dollar company within the next year.

GBH insights analyst Daniel Ives believes that Apples latest releases- the iPhone 8 and X series will help Apple to sell 258 million smartphones in the fiscal year ending September 2018. The question is just how successful the iPhone X will be long term especially in China where the market is somewhat different than the US. For a lot of people there buying an iPhone X could mean spending the equivalent of two months salary… On a phone. China is the world’s largest smartphone market, accounting for 30% of global sales but Smartphone shipments sank 8.1% on the year in the Chinese market despite product launches by Apple and the Chinese domestic brand Oppo. Part of the problem may be a supply issue causing long waits for people who in fact want the latest iPhone but just can’t get one… yet. They do this every year don’t they?

According to generally reliable analyst Ming-Chi Kuo with KGI Securities, Apple is planning to launch three new iPhones next year. Including a new version of this years iPhone X, a larger version featuring a 6.46-inch OLED display, that’s a very specific dimension, and an iPhone with 6.1-inch liquid crystal display. The LCD version will of course be less expensive to buy and to repair since LCDs can be manufactured at a lower cost than OLED. He also says that the LCD version will be different in design and specs from the OLED version. I read that as cheaper. Oh no. They’re not going to pull another 5C move again are they? Remember the phone that was a whole $100 cheaper than the flagship at the time? Well it was $100 less expensive but far more cheap overall… Hopefully that’s not the plan. Remember everyone complaining that the 5C wasn’t available in any “masculine colors?” Not sure what they were looking for but apparently it wasn’t any of these.

Apple Released the iOS 11.1.2 update recently. So what do you get with it? Well nothing as far as new features but if you have an iPhone X you might want to consider this one since it is said to fix the touchscreen problem caused by cold temperatures. If you haven’t already heard this flagship didn’t like to go from room temperature to freezing and the screen would become unresponsive… until you hit the lock button twice apparently. 11.1.1 was previously released to fix the “i-bug” that’s the one where you type in an I and get an A with a question mark next to it. iPhone has a problem with the letter I. Coincidence? It’s also said to correct a problem with Siri where she just quits working and demands higher wages. Also careful about updating any iPhone that’s not one of the latest ones. We always notice that older models tend to move just a tiny bit slower with each update until you get frustrated with your phone running slow and have to buy a new one…

The “best” black friday deals for an iPhone. Apple doesn’t allow discounts but there’s nothing to stop retailers from running a promotion where you get free stuff with your purchase.

At Walmart they are offering a $300 gift card, which would effectively bring down the price of a 64 GB iPhone 8 from $699 to $399 Is this for real? At that price I might even… oh wait is this a doorbuster thing where you have to get up at 3 am and fight the crowd… literally? Not necessarily. It starts at 6PM on Thanksgiving day and is supposed to be available all day Friday on their website. Here’s the other catch. You must be an AT&T or Verizon customer signing a two year contract.

BTW if you see a Straight Talk phone and you plan on buying one to get it unlocked for your carrier, just don’t. Take my word on this one. You buy Straight Talk, you get Straight Talk and that’s it at least anytime in the near future. No other network so ask before you buy.

This Is How You Can Get a ‘Home’ Button on Apple’s iPhone X

Well if you are an iPhone user you probably already know about accessibility settings. This won’t give you a physical home button but it’s the closest thing there is until Apple starts selling a home button dongle that is. I’ve always wondered why the home button was at the bottom end of the phone. Kind of an awkward location and if you are using the Plus version with one hand it can be risky to reach for that spot. Shouldn’t a home button be near your thumb n the first place? Like maybe right here? Of course that would create a new challenge. How to allow left handed people to use their thumb for hitting the home button. Where am I going with this?Maybe to buttons on each side that can be customized? All right, call me crazy but if Apple did it then you’d call it courageous. By the way I have been doing all sorts of crazy stuff with my iPhone unintentionally because of the raise to wake feature. If it’s causing you problems you can turn the feature off. Settings > Display & Brightness > Enable Raise to Wake. Tada no more pocket dialing.

The iPhone X and Galaxy Note 8 cost about $1,000: So is $499 OLED OnePlus 5T a serious rival?

No. I wish it were but with little in the way of upgrades over the previous model, much less market share, and six-inch, 18:9 aspect ratio display the 5T just doesn’t seem to be creating a lot of excitement. It’s probably a great phone but two of the biggest problems consumers have with Android phones right now are market saturation and depreciation. It seems like a new phone is released almost weekly and Samsung dominates advertising, media coverage, and market share. That said you do get a lot for the money. So for anyone who’s tired of Apple and Samsung this is worth taking a look at. Considering that it does have an OLED screen this one might hold it’s value longer than a lot of competitors still using LCD technology. one thing is for sure, if you break the screen your repair cost will be a significant percentage of the phones total cost.

Business Insider has A breakdown of iPhone manufacturing costs over time claiming that the iPhone X comes in at $370.25 for materials but not providing an estimate for manufacturing costs. Considering that their graph shows the latter to be a very small percentage for previous versions, like less than 5% of materials, I’m going to estimate that they are somewhere under the $400 mark. Now of course this does not include R&D and other operating costs. But once the product comes to market they go forward from that point with a somewhat fixed dollar amount that appears to be highly profitable. Add in AppleCare and accessory revenue and let’s just say that there will be a lot of happy Apple stockholders next year. I’m not an expert so don’t invest on my advice but for what it’s worth I think this is an easy call assuming that most iPhone users can justify upgrading to the latest model.

There’s a green line appearing on some new iPhones. This isn’t necessarily a new thing for OLED screens. We’ve seen this happen on some Samsung Galaxy devices and at this point should you experience something similar your iPhone should be under warranty… as long as there are no signs of physical abuse. That sounds so harsh doesn’t it. Don’t physically abuse your phone people. Anyways if you don’t see the green line within the first year of buying an iPhone you’re probably okay. Otherwise backup your data and make an appointment with Apple ASAP. If you wait long enough there’s a good chance you’ll get a refurbished unit and no one want to inherit a phone that someone else physically abused.

Here’s your tech tip for today: If your face ID doesn’t recognize you when your phone is laying flat and that prevents you from seeing notifications, but you don’t want to swipe up and back down again, and you don’t want to tap the notification without seeing what it is… yes this is a problem apparently, anyways just drag the home bar about a quarter inch and give it a slight wiggle. This is sad to allow another attempt at Face ID. Think of all the effort you just saved. thanks to Alex Anderson on twitter for that one. Hopefully you can find him and say thanks. There are a lot of Alex Andersons on Twitter.

I’m Mike from Go Cell Phone Repair and that’s ten minutes of tech. Next Monday at 2PM PST we’ll talk about all this and more in detail on the Monday afternoon tech talk live stream where you, yes you, are invited to join the conversation. Or you can sit back and watch, listen, or otherwise go about your day while we talk talk. Have an awesome weekend. See you next time.

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