LG Flagship Phone 2018 | There Will Not be a G7 Instead We Get “Judy”

There will not be a G7. 9t05 Google http://bit.ly/2sBFuxc

Judy? No idea why. Toms Guide http://bit.ly/2EHzxo3 33:07

Primer 94 http://ebay.to/2EVg3Mh (affiliate)

Surplus OLEDs from Samsung. Guru3D http://bit.ly/2EEljQX 43:00

More LG flagship Phone 2018 Specs BGR http://bit.ly/2obOZyw

Shannon from Hak5 will join us this Thursday at 6PM PST https://www.youtube.com/user/Hak5Darren

Samsung’s flying display patent. The Verge http://bit.ly/2okeg8X

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