Ten Minutes of Tech December 2, 2017


Did your iPhone suddenly crash on December 2nd? Is it rebooting for no reason? Well no need to worry, it’s not just you. And there’s an easy fix.

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If you update to iOS 11.2 you should eliminate the December 2nd problem. If for any reason you are unable to do so right away, or don’t want to upgrade you can manually set the clock on your iPhone to November 28th and your rebooting problem will be solved. You’ll be off by a couple of days but at least your phone won’t reboot for no reason. No idea why the previous iOS didn’t like December 2nd.

Apple’s been having it’s share of software problems lately including the undoing of a patch that was supposed to fix the “root” bug. If you didn’t hear about that one already, according to Wired.Com macOS High Sierra had a hole in the systems security that allowed any malicious person or program trying to log into your computer to simply enter root as the username and leave the password field blank. They could then bypass the prompt and get full access to your computer. Those who hadn’t upgraded to High Sierra 10.13.1 before installing the patch released by Apple found that installing the patch and then upgrading their macOS would cause the bug to reappear.

Apple’s support page says “If you recently updated from macOS High Sierra 10.13 to 10.13.1, reboot your Mac to make sure the Security Update is applied properly. Or if you see MRTConfigData 1.27 in the Installations list under Software in System Report, your Mac is also protected.”

I know that’s a lot to remember so I’ll include a link in the video description and you can read the details for yourself.

Cell phone addiction could affect your brain. I could have told you that. According to a report… No actually according to a study published by Science Daily smartphone and internet addicted teenagers have higher rates of depression, anxiety, insomnia, and impulsiveness. Apparently addicted teens have an imbalance in their brain chemistry resulting in increased levels of gamma aminobutyric acid, a neurotransmitter that slows down brain signals. So yes, too much phone and internet can make you slow. So what’s my excuse? I’m not a teenager.

BART cell phone theft is up this year. In 2015 there were 180 cell phone thefts on the Bay Areas Rapid Transit train system, 274 in 2016, and 225 in just the first half of 2017. Many of these thefts are committed by young people including a group of between 40-60 kids who got onto a bart train back in April at the Oakland coliseum station where they robbed several people of cell phones and bags leaving at least two people injured. BART launched an awareness campaign to educate riders about the possibility of phone theft and encourages them to keep their belongings secure especially near the doors of the train where thieves are more likely to grab and run.

Google has been accused of stealing millions of iPhone users data illegally. News.com.au says that a consumer activist has launched a class action lawsuit that could lead to a payout into the hundreds of millions for the 5 million iPhone users whose data was collected without their knowledge. Google supposedly bypassed the security of Apples Safari app and planted cookies into phones before later selling collected data to an advertising network. Bad Google. But surprising to hear that there are actually 5 million people who use Safari. It doesn’t seem to be all that popular at least in the US. Google denies that it acted illegally and says that it has defended similar cases in the past. I assume successfully. The British group dubbed “Google You Owe Us” says that the unlawful cookies were planted between 2011-2012. If the suit is successful British iPhone users could be awarded 300 lbs. compensation per person. So if you are in the UK and had an iPhone during that time period it’s probably worth looking into at the least.

Apple is sharing your face ID. I feel like we are developing some trends here… Of course Apple takes it’s users security seriously as stated by spokesman Tom Neumayr.

“This commitment is reflected in the strong protections we have built around Face ID data—protecting it with the Secure Enclave in iPhone X—as well as many other technical safeguards we have built into iOS.” However it’s not just Apple that we need to be thinking about here. All of the apps on your iPhone X that use facial recognition should be considered a potential risk. Do you really trust all of the app developers to safeguard your biometric data? That’s the real question. Jay Stanley a senior policy analyst at the American Civil Liberties Union said “The chances we are going to see mischief around facial data is pretty high—if not today, then soon—if not on Apple then on Android.” The 52 unique micro-movements in your eyelids, mouth, and other features that are collected by the iPhones TrueDepth camera are available to any developer who agrees to the terms and conditions listed in contracts required by the app store. The rules include asking users’ permission before accessing the camera, agreeing not to sell your data, or using it for advertising, which is great assuming that they follow the rules. It’s also worth questioning how thorough Apple will be in policing the compliance to its terms not just by major app publishers but by the huge number of smaller developers who may access your face ID data.

Activists occupy Apple stores in France to say “Pay Your Taxes” well according to the article on MarketWatch.com they are shouting not just saying it. Global activists “stormed and occupied” Apple stores. Really? Stormed? They must mean this:

verb (used with object)

to utter or say with angry vehemence:
The strikers stormed their demands.

Had to scroll down a ways to find that one but I guess it’s appropriate.

Attac or the Association for the Taxation of Financial Transactions and Citizen’s Action organization says “We will stop when Apple pays.” What are they talking about? Well according to their claims Apple has used tax optimization methods that allowed it to accumulate over $230 billion in tax havens. They say that Apple is using its Irish subsidiaries to relocate profits allowing them to avoid paying taxes.

There are two rates of corporation tax in the Republic of Ireland: 12.5% for trading income. 25% for non-trading income. The company tax rate for France is 33.33%. So if I am understanding this correctly Apple made a bunch of money in France and then sort of moved those profits so that it looked like they were earned in Ireland where they could save some money and the French government doesn’t get their fair share? I’m sure that Uncle Sam would feel the same way if something similar happened here. The occupation ended after three hours but not without participants leaving messages of protest on the screens of devices inside of the Apple Stores. Take that Apple.

ZTEs new Axon M has an unusual appearance considering the slimmer profile that most smartphones sport these days but there’s a good reason. It unfolds. The Axon M has two screens that are joined together with a hinge and can be activated by pressing a button on the display. When someone told me that there was a foldable phone this wasn’t exactly what I pictured. It does offer some advantages as far as multi tasking goes if you can get past the bulky and heavy design but the biggest problem seems to be that the Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor appears to be underpowered for running two displays simultaneously. If that and the $725 price tag doesn’t discourage you then hopefully you are an AT&T subscriber since this model is exclusive to them at the moment.

Samsung’s recent Galaxy S8 software seems to have disabled fast charging for some users. This may not affect everyone but some S8 and S8+ owners are reporting that since their last software update fast charging is no longer an option. No word on what happened nor any response from Samsung but I guess welcome to the broken software club Samsung.

Some users are also saying that once their battery dies completely it won’t charge at all. So for the moment their phones are unusable. And even when the fix is released how are they going to get the device powered up so that they can update it? If your Galaxy S8 is charging properly now it’s probably best to wait for Samsung to release a statement and clarify the best course of action.

I’m Mike from Go Cell Phone Repair and that’s ten minutes of tech. I’ll be back Monday at 2PM PST for the weekly livestream and again in Thursday at 6PM for another right here on YouTube. Until then thanks for watching and see you next time.

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