Will Apple Ditch the iPhone Notch?

Today we discuss the future of the iPhone Notch, Android P, a Right to Repair Bill for California, and more.

What is the future of the The iPhone Notch? Newsweek http://bit.ly/2Fqh7EJ, Mashable http://on.mash.to/2DdbiIX

Android P Android-Developers http://bit.ly/2p4K0iL, Computer World http://bit.ly/2G6O1eE 33:55 Android version name system

Right to Repair Bill in California asmdc.org http://bit.ly/2IeXp0z, Engadget http://engt.co/2FvV4MR, https://repair.org/stand-up

Blackberry suing Facebook Reuters http://reut.rs/2GaD7oe

Self driving cars are here Phoenix New Times http://bit.ly/2FdA816 1:04:50 Winnebago cruise control legend http://bit.ly/2zoPmfH Galaxy S9 Release date Techradar http://bit.ly/2FqjN9m

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