Video Tutorials

galaxy s5 lcdAre you handy with a screwdriver? Go Cell Phone Repair is constantly updating our library of do-it-yourself repair videos. While fixing cell phones is not for everyone we do our best to show you how it's done. In order to get the most from our instructional videos we recommend that you watch them from start to finish before attempting to repair your own cell phone. In most cases the videos are narrated so you might find it helpful to turn on your sound.

Parts and tools

cell phone replacement parts and toolsHaving the right tools and quality replacement parts makes a big difference when it comes to your chances of successfully completing your repair. We test cell phone repair tools and parts from a variety of vendors and seek out the ones that are easiest to use while also standing up to our rigorous standards. We also check prices regualarly to make sure that when it comes to price and quality you will have access to the best of both worlds. We value your feedback as well so please post your comments to our Facebook page.

Repair School

cell phone repair schoolAre you ready to learn how to use cell phone repair for profit? Whether you are looking for some extra income or a new career we can help you get started. Our cell phone repair instructors have been fixing phones since 1994. We also run two brick and mortar repair shops that help us keep up with current smart phones so what we teach is constantly being updated.