We practice what we teach

One of the keys to successful cell phone repair is mastering the skills required to disassemble and then assemble phones. While there are other aspects to this business such as software, inventory management, and marketing, our basic repair training program will deal primarily with the mechanical part of the job.

Cars, appliances, and even homes are composed of individual parts or sections that can be replaced. This modularity often makes it possible to salvage some or most of the device or structure in the event of damage. In our industry this damage can affect any part of the phone but in most cases tends to involve the screen or charging port. This is with the exception of water damage where the likelihood of damage to the logic board is particularly high. This can be bad news since this board is one part of the phone that can be difficult to come by and also contains some or all of the information stored in the devices memory.

Learning how to fix phones can create lucrative business opportunities for those who develop these skills and implement effective marketing strategies. Fortunately the cell phone repair market is still in it’s early stages relative to most similar business models. With the continued growth of wireless device sales the demand for phone repair doesn’t seem likely to go away anytime soon.

For those who came here looking for assistance with a one time repair we have organized the site by product and model so that getting your smart phone up and running again will be as easy as possible.