Nintendo Switch SD Card FPC Replacement

We have been observing numerous charging port issues with the Nintendo Switch, but recently, one of the most sought-after repairs has been the replacement of the SD Card Reader connector, also known as the FPC, on the motherboard. When conducting most Switch repairs, it becomes necessary to disconnect this component in order to remove the rear metal panel. However, the challenge arises when reconnecting this delicate piece, as it requires precise alignment and is relatively fragile. Excessive force applied during this process can result in damaging the pins connected to the motherboard. Even a single damaged pin can render the SD Card Reader dysfunctional. In the accompanying video, we will provide a demonstration of how to safely remove and replace this connector. It is crucial to note that this repair falls under the advanced level category and demands the use of appropriate tools and ample practice. If you lack experience in this area, there is a high risk of causing harm to other components of your console.

If you ever need to plug your SD Card reader in here’s a tip that may help you. Firstly, we recommend removing the square cushion that is stuck to the back of the connector first. This pad helps to keep the connector plugged in but it also makes alignment more difficult. If you take a look at the flex cable and take note of where the pins are located, this should help you to get everything lined up properly. Second, do not force the connector in. It should not require much pressure in order to click into place. Using magnification is always helpful. If you’ve already made the mistake of damaging your FPC then we can certainly help. Just visit our services page and submit a quote request. We will get back to you ASAP.