Micro-soldering repair service

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We fix the following problems and more.

If your phone, game console, tablet, laptop or other valuable electronic device needs to be repaired, then you’ve come to the right place.

Need to recover those important contacts or priceless photos from a wet or damaged iPhone? We are experts at recovering your iPhone data.  

Are you an existing repair business looking to expand your services to include advanced mobile device and motherboard level repairs? Contact us.

Whether you have a damaged charge port, no HDMI output from your game console, or need to recover data from your iPhone mobile device, we can help you. We deal with advanced electronics repair issues that most others can’t. With 29 years in the electronics repair business, you can rest assured that your device is in experienced hands. 

What is Micro-Soldering?

Imagine a surgeon wielding a precision laser, meticulously repairing the intricate pathways within the human body. Now, swap the surgeon with a highly skilled technician and the human body with your electronic device. That’s micro-soldering.


Micro-soldering is the art and science of repairing the microscopic components of your devices’ motherboards. Our technicians use specialized tools and unmatched expertise to breathe new life into your electronics, one minuscule connection at a time. It’s a blend of cutting-edge technology and delicate craftsmanship, ensuring your gadgets work flawlessly. Welcome to the future of repair, where tiny miracles happen every day.