Playstation 5 Slim HDMI Port Replacement

It didn’t take long for us to see our first damaged HDMI port on a PS5 Slim. Now, to be fair, game consoles aren’t really designed to be transported frequently from one room/home to another. However, we did expect this one to be more fit for that purpose since it is smaller and lighter than the original. Either way the video output interface appears to be no more durable than the one in the original PS5. For this reason it is recommended that cords be kept away from traffic areas where someone might trip over them and you should be very careful about plugging the HDMI cable in. Wiggling the cord is a bad idea. Make sure that you have the connector lined up perfectly. Pushing straight in and pulling straight out is the safest way to avoid damage. That said, we have lots of experience with the replacement process. Here’s a video showing what we do from start to finish.